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With Leexi, the alternative to Tl;dv, we transcribe, summarize and provides the next steps for your calls and video conferences automatically - the end of note-taking in meetings!

Leexi is a conversational intelligence platform: you'll be able to transcribe and summarize in detail all your calls and video conferences! AI meeting revolutionizes meetings by automating note-taking and transcriptions, while facilitating follow-up with personalized reminders and automated emails, promoting efficient and productive team collaboration.

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The disadvantages of Tl;dv compared to Leexi

  • Leexi offers recording of videoconferences from Teams, Google meet & Zoom not only Google or in the browser
  • CRM integration is only available with pro subscription.
  • Leexi has integrations to large CRMs.
  • Leexi has integrations to VOIP call systems.

The advantages of Leexi over Tl;dv

Features Tl;dv Leexi
Automatic call summaries with context
Intelligent note-taking during videoconferences
Transcription and summary in over 100 languages
Customisable summaries
Automatic language detection
European server
Free bot customisation
Integration with Teams application
Integration of telephony tools
Slack and Google Suite integration
CRM integration
European CRM
ISO 27001
Intuitive Dashboard
Static call library
Advanced collaboration features
External sharing
Onboarding in minutes
Dedicated support
Attractive rates
Integration of videoconferencing tools
Access right

Stop taking notes at meetings

You can have the script of all your calls and videoconferences. Based on the text, you'll be able to highlight the main ideas for easier note-taking. Each of your calls and videoconferences will be automatically summarized and sent to your CRM!


Reduce onboarding time

Onboarding is a subject to be taken seriously in view of the large sales quota and the arrival of new colleagues every year. Leexi lets you create a library of relevant calls in a very intuitive way, thanks to powerful filters. Explore the dynamic library with the best calls principle on Leexi.

Faster than lightning to set up

It's never been easier to integrate Leexi into your videoconferencing and VOIP applications. What's more, you'll get personalized support for installing and using the Leexi platform!

A strong commitment to your security and that of your data

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ISO-27001 Certification

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