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An increase of the conversion rate by 20% An increase of the conversion rate by 20%
Reduced onboarding time Reduced onboarding time
Automated note taking Automated note taking
Summary of each call Summary of each call

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Overview of our features Starter Premium
User Interface Features
Intuitive Dashboard
Simple navigation
Real time updates
Smart Filters
Notification email / Slack / CRM
Automatic call summaries
Automatic call summaries with context Limited
Intelligent note taking during video conferences Limited
Instant transcripts Limited
Call library
Static Call Library
Dynamic and intelligent library
Collaboration features
External Sharing
Structured feedback
Team Management
User Roles and Permissions
Organizational Policies
Video conferencing tools integration
Video conferencing tools integration
Telephony tools integration
Slack or Google suite integration
CRM Integration
European CRM
Alerts and analysis
Automated alerts
Onboarding process
Set up in minutes
Customized Training
Dedicated support -
Time Support -
Transcription and language detection
Transcription in more than 20 languages
Automatic Language Detection
Different pricing options -
Flexible payment options
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"Leexi is very useful to avoid losing any information. The automatic summary is time-saving and the integration into the CRM is top notch."
Account Executive @Overloop

Questions & Answers

  • The minimum number of users is 1 and Leexi is designed for all sales team sizes, from 1 to 1000 salespeople!

  • All types of salespeople! Customer Success , Manager, Human ressource, finance, expert, consultant.

    No matter your field of expertise, as long as you want improve your performance, your coaching; to save time, on automatic summary, note taking, onboarding, Leexi is the tool for you.

  • All types of companies in Tech, insurance, finance, energies, recruiting, consulting, IT, retail, journalism, etc.

  • Yes, the first month is without commitment.

  • Setting up Leexi takes less than an hour! There is no setup cost, and no hidden cost.

    We integrate quickly with your CRM and your video conferencing Teams, Google Meet, Zoom and your or VOIP tools.

  • After the Leexi set-up and integration, you will have a kickoff with the team. Your team is then 100% operational to use Leexi.

    Then 3 meetings are planned to accompany you in setting up Leexi. Based on the recordings already made, Leexi will help you customise the topics, alerts and settings to your specific needs. A regular follow-up is then maintained to listen & help you.

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