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What's included
  • Transcription in 100+ languages
  • Record Gmeet, Teams, Zooom
  • AI summary, follow-up tasks...
  • Dynamic library
  • Custom vocabulary
  • Access rules


Greater productivity for teams

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AI-Meetings Features+
  • CRM Integration
  • VoIP Integration
  • Personalized meeting summary
  • Customer support


All our advanced features for companies

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Business features +
  • Team- and Entreprise-level call analytics
  • Custom topics
  • Automated alerts
  • Automatic scoring
  • Priority support
  • ISO 27001 Certification
Summary of each callSummary of each call
Automated note takingAutomated note taking
Reduced onboarding timeReduced onboarding time
An increase of the conversion rate by 20%An increase of the conversion rate by 20%

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Overview of our features AI-Notaker Business Enterprise
Leexi platform in English or French
Transcription in over 100+ languages
Automatic language detection
Tool integration
Meeting tools : Teams, Google Meet, Zoom
Zapier, Slack
CRM: Salesforce, Hubspot, Pipedrive, Microsoft Dynamics, Zoho -
VoIP: Aircall, Telavox, Ringover, Dstny, Hubspot VoIP, 3CX... -
Automatic, personalized call summaries
Transcripts and chaptering
Automatic call summary with context
Intelligent note-taking at meetings
Summary sent to CRM -
Customized prompts -
Team building & management
User roles and authorizations
Management of individual and team access rights
ISO 27001 Certification - -
Calls and storage
Call/meeting limits 30h/user/month globalized 40h/user/month globalized 50h/user/month globalized
Storage 2 years 2 years 2 years
User Comments
External call/video sharing
Feedback on snippet -
Structured feedback/scorecard - -
Alerts and analysis
Automated alerts - -
Detailed analysis - -
Analytics on topics - -
Customized reports - -

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ISO-27001 Certification

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Trusted by many companies all over the world

Leexi is a great way to record meetings and automate minutes with generative AI, especially once you've integrated it with your email, and CRM.
Benoit Marcellin
Chief Executive Officer (CEO)@Nomination

Questions & Answers

  • The minimum number of users is 1 for the AI-meeting option and 3 for the premium option. Leexi is designed for any team size!

  • Setting up Leexi takes less than an hour! There is no setup cost, and no hidden cost.

    We integrate quickly with your CRM and your video conferencing Teams, Google Meet, Zoom and your or VOIP tools.

  • AI-notetaker option: Anyone who has held videoconference meetings and needs a report. Typical users include consultants, experts, human resources and smaller sales teams with fewer than 6 salespeople. If you want the CRM and/or VOIP connection, you will need the "Business" plan.

    Enterprise Option: All types of salespeople! AE, SDR, BDR, Inside sales, Customer Success Managers, Customer Support, etc. No matter your field of expertise, as long as you want improve your performance, your coaching; to save time, on automatic summary, note taking, onboarding, Leexi is the tool for you.

  • The ‘AI Meeting’ license lets you take advantage of automatic reports, so you can conduct your meetings and all your other calls with Leexi taking notes for you.

  • The ‘AI Meeting’ licence allows you to take advantage of automatic reports, so you can conduct your meetings and all your other calls with Leexi taking notes for you. The 'Business' plan allows you to have your CRM completed automatically with the summary pushed directly to the contact, deal and/or company level, you'll also have the option to connect your VOIP and request customised summaries.

  • The "Enterprise" license is the full version of our "AI Meeting" license, specially designed for professionals. It offers exclusive access to analytical functionalities, enabling managers to exploit the statistics of their teams.

  • All types of companies in Tech, insurance, consulting, recruiting, finance, energies, IT, retail, journalism, etc.

  • AI-meeting option: Start your one-week trial period, integrations are just 3 clicks away!

    Entreprise option: After the Leexi set-up and integration, you will have a kickoff with the team. Your team is then 100% operational to use Leexi. Then 3 meetings are planned to accompany you in setting up Leexi. Based on the recordings already made, Leexi will help you customise the topics, alerts and settings to your specific needs. A regular follow-up is then maintained to listen & help you.

  • Discounts can be obtained in proportion to the number of licenses required. From 10 licences upwards, a first sliding scale applies. Contact us to find out more!

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