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Get closer to your customers. Be aware of how messages are perceived and what helps to get business.

Make yourself clear to your prospects

Make yourself clear to your prospects

  • To become a top seller, Leexi gives you automatic access to insights, it's breathtaking and it was impossible before 2023!
  • Record every interaction with your prospects and base your marketing strategy on their expectations.
  • Discover the major objections, your customers' issues, your customers' best use cases.
  • Understand how they perceive your company and how you can support their buying decisions.
Evaluate the impact of your actions

Evaluate the impact of your actions

  • Leexi automates daily tasks and saves you a lot of time (note taking, summarizing, insight, alerts ...)
  • Use Leexi to monitor your performance and make sure your salespeople are using the tools you have correctly.
  • Leexi is at the center of recordings, transcripts and CRM with analytics oriented to boost your sales.
  • With Leexi you can objectify the impact of your pitch improvements week after week.
Improve with each new interaction

Improve with each new interaction

  • Leexi's mission is to put Artificial Intelligence into Conversational Intelligence.
  • Focus on continuous learning and constant improvement. With Leexi, you gain efficiency with unique insights on the market.
  • Leexi is the ideal tool to help you achieve your goals.

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"Leexi is very useful to avoid losing any information. The automatic summary is time-saving and the integration into the CRM is top notch."
Account Executive @Overloop

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