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Customer success

Provide your team with proactive guidance to positively impact customer innovation, growth and advertising.

Get new team members on board faster

Get new team members on board faster

  • Leexi reduces onboarding time by half.
  • The regularly updated library of best calls is game changing.
  • Newcomers have access to the best calls and videoconferences in a few seconds.
  • Leexi is the basis for self learning and replaying your calls/videoconferences.
  • Leexi gives you a 360° view of the activity of your colleagues.
Bring your customer's voice to life

Bring your customer's voice to life

  • Automatically detect your prospects' issues and objections.
  • Automatically detect your customers' questions and feedback.
  • Leexi helps you seamlessly share customer feedback across your organization.
  • Leexi gives you the ability to automatically share summaries of customer interactions.
Use a trusted storage tool

Use a trusted storage tool

  • Leexi offers you a very powerful storage, so every customer interaction is just a click away.
  • You have access to your calls or video conferences in your CRM or in Leexi.
  • Leexi gives you access to a very powerful internal search tool on your data.

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"Leexi is very useful to avoid losing any information. The automatic summary is time-saving and the integration into the CRM is top notch."
Account Executive @Overloop

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