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Leexi has analysed thousands of conversations with customers to help teams perform at their best in every interaction.

SaaS, Tech, Sotware, CRM

SaaS, Tech, Sotware, CRM

  • Boost the use of your CRM.
  • Automate and save time on time-consuming tasks.
  • Make decisions based on facts.
  • Leexi is not just another tool because, Leexi multiplies the efficiency of your current tools.
Insurance - Finance, VC, M&A,

Insurance - Finance, VC, M&A,

  • MIFID compliance with recordings and transcripts.
  • Objectivate your customers' needs with accurate, automatic verbatims.
  • Objectivate customer data to boost customer support.
  • Multiply top performers with best practices accessible to all.
Marketing, Product, Consultancy, Expertise

Marketing, Product, Consultancy, Expertise

  • Automate customer feedback capture.
  • Automate summaries, note taking of video conferences.
  • Automate note taking.
  • Automate some emails with insights from conversations.
Recruting, Journalism

Recruting, Journalism

  • Save a lot of time on note-taking.
  • Keep accurate verbatim records.
  • Don't lose information between meetings.
  • Personalise insights (it's amazing) in recorded conversations.
Renewable Energies, Construction, Real Estate, Entreprises

Renewable Energies, Construction, Real Estate, Entreprises

  • Automate certain emails with insights from conversations.
  • Get a 360° view of your teams.
  • Share information in teams.
  • Boost training and onboarding twice as fast.

A strong commitment to your security and that of your data

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Leexi is a great way to record meetings and automate minutes with generative AI, especially once you've integrated it with your email, and CRM.
Benoit Marcellin
Chief Executive Officer (CEO)@Nomination

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