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Boost your meetings' productivity

Leexi uses generative AI to transcribe, analyze, summarize your meetings, and automatically propose next steps. AI meeting saves you time on all these time-consuming tasks.

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A thousand businesses in Europe have already placed their trust in us.

A facilitated collaboration

A facilitated collaboration

Use the comments and notes to communicate, debrief on your calls, or provide feedback.

A contextualized summary of your calls

A contextualized summary of your calls

Choose the size of the summaries and receive them automatically by email, on Leexi, and on your CRM if you wish!

An in-depth analysis for improved understanding

An in-depth analysis for improved understanding

Identify your strengths and weaknesses by reviewing your calls, enabling you to draw accurate conclusions.

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Quick set up

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1-week-long free trial

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Results from the first week

Trusted by many companies all over the world

Leexi is a great way to record meetings and automate minutes with generative AI, especially once you've integrated it with your email, and CRM.
Benoit Marcellin
Chief Executive Officer (CEO)@Nomination

Questions & Answers

  • Leexi is an AI meeting tool designed to boost your productivity. It uses artificial intelligence to transcribe, summarize, chapter, and analyze your calls in detail, providing you with results as soon as the call ends. Easy to use, Leexi saves you time on all these time-consuming tasks, allowing you to focus on what matters in your job, whether you are in recruitment, consulting, sales, or customer success management.

    We also have a dedicated module for sales teams with advanced analysis and automatic scoring.

  • Whatever your field, whatever your industry, Leexi will always be of great use to you as long as it involves a meeting.

    However, there are professions for which the usefulness of an AI Meeting tool is undeniable, and some may seem unexpected. Whether you are in Customer Success Management, Recruitment, Sales, Consulting; but also Finance, Journalism, Marketing, or even Real Estate, Leexi is a tool designed to help you and save you time and efficiency.

  • Taking notes during video conferences or phone calls can be tedious and time-consuming, often resulting in non-existent or inaccurate notes. Writing detailed meeting minutes and follow-up emails prolong the process and waste time. Often, actions to be taken and next steps are not recorded, leading to inaction after meetings. With Leexi, you no longer have to worry about this: we take notes for you, write meeting minutes, and identify actions to be taken after the meetings. You can fully focus on your expertise and your interlocutor, leaving Leexi to handle the rest. Whether you are in Recruitment, Sales, Customer Support, or Consulting, Leexi is made for you.

    For sales teams, we offer a more in-depth approach by analyzing their conversations to solve various problems. These solutions include AI-assisted coaching for sales teams, quick onboarding for new employees, and centralized access to all phone and video conference conversations through a single platform.

  • Leexi is at the forefront in terms of security. Through international standards such as GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) and ISO 27001, we make every effort to ensure maximum protection of your data. In parallel, we also conduct Penetration Tests to constantly stay ahead of cybercriminals. All your data is also encrypted end-to-end.

  • For video conferencing, all the major names in the field are integrated into Leexi. Whether it's Google Meet, Microsoft Teams, or even Zoom, you won't have any problem combining these tools with Leexi.

    As for telephony, many tools are supported, from Aircall to Telavox, including Hubsport VoIP, 3CX, ALLOcloud, Cloudtalk, Dstny, Ringover, and Vonage. Is your preferred VoIP not on the list? Don't worry! Leexi is a constantly evolving tool! Submit your request, and it will be integrated soon!

  • You don't need to be connected to a CRM for Leexi to work but Leexi is integrated to various CRM tools such as Pipedrive, Hubspot, Salesforce, or Microsoft Dynamics 365. Just like for telephony, if your preferred tool is not on the list, please don't hesitate to contact us, and we will do what is necessary to integrate it into the tool!

  • Less than five minutes after creating your account, once your calendar is integrated, Leexi is already ready to be used!

    The different tools that you can integrate are not necessary at all to start if the need is urgent.

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