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About Leexi

The conversational intelligence platform

Why Leexi ?

Why Leexi ?

Leexi is on a mission to bring AI to Conversational Intelligence!

Leexi is the conversational intelligence platform based on a new technology of call transcription in over 20 languages. Leexi boosts the use of your CRM with the automation of summaries, issues, questions for each of your calls and video conferences. Leexi is a game changer for note taking, structured feedback and much more. It's not just another tool, it accelerates your business by automating multiple key daily tasks.

Leexi allows you to make previously impossible automatic analyses on the content of calls. The platform gives you a sharp analysis of the quality of calls. You will have access to a detailed list of actions to be taken individually for each salesperson allowing self-training and mutual support.

Fun fact: To stay in first place for 20 years, Tiger Woods practiced every day, including regularly reviewing videos of his workouts. Leexi brings you the same winning service by allowing you to replay your calls to continually improve and stay on top of your game.

Our story

Our story

In our previous insurtech, with around twenty sales people and ten or so people to follow up on customers, the conversational challenges were colossal.

The existing solutions on the market did not allow us to efficiently solve the loss of time in the follow-up of our business, of onboarding...

Following the sale of the 4 founders' shares in an Insurtech startup, we decided to create Leexi. We drew on a solid experience in sales, onboarding and in Tech development accumulated in the B2B and B2C domains. Leexi can be used by sales teams, customer service teams and anyone who spends time in a video conference.

With Leexi, we capture 110% of what was said in a call or video conference and all automatically. Our strength is in the automatic processing of this information to save time and improve its own fundamentals. A very flexible conversational ecosystem has been built. Leexi is the tool we would have dreamed of having in our previous insurtech, and we, as founders, are the first fans and users of Leexi to accelerate the strong growth of Leexi.

Our values

Leexi wants to help make the world a better place, every day. It's a great place to work for employees who feel respected, welcomed and listened to.

Customer centric

Customer centric

Listening and giving a game changing customer service.



Help our employees and customers become the best version of themselves.



We are creative and at the forefront of innovation.

The customer is at the heart of Leexi's actions

  • We want to give the best welcome / service to every customer.
  • We want to give quality customer service that is "game changer".
  • Leexi protects customer data and respects the GDPR.


  • Ensure a good work-life balance for all.
  • Develop participative management, encourage the principle of subsidiarity.
  • Provide regular, clear, transparent and complete information on the company's development.
  • Wish to develop a strong corporate culture year after year.

Leexi employees

  • Have the opportunity to take responsibilities.
  • Develop a sense of belonging to a team.
  • Are offered training, evolution and progress in their work.
  • Participate in the creation of value.
  • Advance individually.

With our suppliers and partners, we work in

  • Transparency.
  • Honesty.
  • Collaboration for a Win / Win relationship.

Leexi a player in civil society:

  • Leexi plays a role in society, including supporting the common good.
  • Leexi seeks to reduce its impact and sources of pollution.