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With Nomination, simplify your search for information about companies and discover new business opportunities.

Looking for key contacts within companies in France? Look no further! Nomination is here to make your task easier.

Nomination is a leading player in the production of information on executives and decision-makers within companies. With its online database, it offers professionals a valuable tool to quickly find contacts of key individuals within companies.

In this article, we will explore in detail the services offered by Nomination, as well as the benefits they bring to companies in terms of strategic monitoring and business prospecting. Discover how Nomination can help you optimize your business prospecting and seize new business opportunities.

What is Nomination?

Nomination is a solution that improves sales and marketing efficiency in order to optimize prospecting and generate a greater number of business appointments.

What does Nomination offer?

A database with 450,000 contacts

Nomination provides a comprehensive and up-to-date online database. With an efficient advanced multi-criteria search, you can quickly find contacts of key individuals within the companies that interest you. This database contains reliable and accurate information on executives, decision-makers, and senior officials of all types of companies, from high-potential startups to large multinational groups. Whether it's contacting a purchasing manager to negotiate a fruitful collaboration, finding a marketing director capable of implementing innovative strategies for your company, or even establishing a partnership with a renowned CEO, Nomination allows you to find the right people in just a few clicks.

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Unique positioning in the market

Nomination is the only player that calls contacts to validate their information. Each new contact added undergoes an investigation before being integrated into Nomination's B2B database. All data is verified, enriched, selected, and processed manually by a team of 60 people. Other players typically rely on scraping data collected from various websites.

Data reliability

Data quality and reliability are top priorities for Nomination. The company is committed to providing up-to-date and verified information to ensure an optimal user experience. Nomination's dedicated teams collect, verify, and update information

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Ease of use and time-saving

Nomination has designed a user-friendly platform, allowing you to save time and improve productivity. You don't need to be an expert in research to find the information you need. You can perform quick and accurate searches through an intuitive interface. By using advanced search filters such as geographic location, industry sector, or even hierarchical level, you can refine your results and find the most relevant contacts in your area of interest. Additionally, Nomination offers personalized prospecting listings, allowing you to specifically target the contacts you want to reach out to. These listings are fully tailored to your needs and enable you to be more efficient in your sales approach. No more hours spent manually searching and collecting information - with Nomination, you can obtain the contacts you need in just a few minutes.

Strategic monitoring and business opportunities

Beyond contact search, Nomination also offers strategic monitoring and business prospecting services. With its in-depth knowledge of the economic landscape, Nomination helps you identify new business opportunities. By monitoring executive movements within companies, you can spot changes that could lead to collaboration or expansion possibilities. For example, if you see that a company has recently appointed a new CEO, it may indicate a willingness for change and openness to new collaborations. By being informed of these movements and trends, you can anticipate market needs and strategically position your company. Nomination also keeps you informed of all the news related to your target accounts, such as HR projects, IT developments, marketing initiatives, fundraising activities, R&D investments, growth, new locations, and more.

With Nomination, you won't miss any opportunity to grow your business and capitalize on business opportunities. In summary, Nomination provides you with a comprehensive, reliable, and easy-to-use database, offering strategic monitoring opportunities and enhanced efficiency in your sales approach.

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Nomination is much more than just an online database.

It is a trusted partner that allows you to quickly and easily find the key contacts you need to achieve your business goals. Whether it's for strategic monitoring, targeted prospecting, or simply reaching out to the right people, Nomination is there to support you and help you make the best decisions for your company. No more wasting time searching through a multitude of available information - trust Nomination to provide you with the high-quality contacts you need to succeed.

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