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The 7 best VoIP compatible with AI Note Taker

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Boost your productivity: Discover the 7 best VoIP compatible with your AI Note Taker.

Leexi is positioned as a pioneering solution to the challenges of meeting note-taking, thanks to the exploitation of artificial intelligence algorithms. Leexi transcribes, summarizes and analyzes conversations in real time, providing detailed notes immediately after meetings have ended. This automation frees users from the tedious task of note-taking, improving productivity and decision-making. In addition, Leexi offers the possibility of integrating its VoIP service, increasing flexibility and efficiency in the management of business communications.

What is a VoIP?

VoIP, or Voice over Internet Protocol, is a technology loved by businesses that enables voice calls to be made over an Internet connection instead of traditional phone lines.

In a professional world where communication and time management are key, integrating efficient telephony tools with intelligent platforms like Leexi can transform business performance and efficiency.

The 7 Best VoIPs compatible with AI Note Taker

Here's a non-exhaustive roundup of the 7 best Leexi-compatible VoIPs, each with its strengths and limitations.


Aircall is a VoIP cloud solution specially designed to optimize the performance of sales and support teams. Its real strength lies in its seamless integration with a variety of productivity tools, including Leexi, to maximize efficiency and collaboration within your company.

Main strengths Limits
Easy integration with popular CRMs (Salesforce, HubSpot...) Relatively high price for small businesses
Intuitive, user-friendly interface Additional costs to access certain advanced features
Real-time collaboration for teams


Ringover offers a fully cloud-based telephony and unified communications solution, specially designed to equip sales teams and Customer Success Managers (CSMs) with advanced functionality. By associating Ringover with Leexi, companies can enrich the analysis of their customer interactions and gain detailed insights to optimize their strategies and performance.

Main strengths Limits
Multiple integrations with CRM and helpdesk tools Slightly less intuitive user interface
Advanced features for real-time monitoring (call transfer, voicemail, conferencing)
Easy configuration

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Telavox provides businesses with integrated communication and collaboration solutions, including telephony, online meetings and messaging services. Combined with Leexi, Telavox guarantees optimum fluidity and efficiency in professional exchanges.

Main strengths Limits
Flexible system Deployment and initial configuration a little complex
Comprehensive range of integrated communication solutions
Easy-to-use user interface


3CX is a VoIP system offering a complete software PBX solution, perfectly adapted to the needs of businesses of all sizes. Adaptable and scalable, 3CX modernizes the telephony infrastructure with advanced features such as teleconferencing, instant messaging and CRM integration.

Main strengths Limits
Flexible hosting (on site, cloud, VM) Additional costs to access certain advanced features
Windows and Android compatibility Somewhat complex initial setup
Competitive pricing


Cloud Talk, a cloud-based call center platform, is proving to be an ideal choice for sales and support teams looking to increase efficiency and improve service quality. By integrating Leexi, companies can take advantage of advanced data analysis to further optimize the customer experience.

Main strengths Limits
Advanced reporting and analysis tools Integrations with other platforms sometimes limited
Intuitive dashboard to manage interactions Additional costs to add functionality
High call quality

HubSpot VoIP

HubSpot VoIP, integrated with HubSpot's CRM platform, simplifies the management of voice calls by centralizing them directly in the CRM. This feature offers a practical solution for sales and customer service teams, consolidating their interactions. By providing a unified overview of communications, which Leexi optimizes, companies can improve their efficiency and productivity.

Main strengths Limits
Part of the HubSpot suite Limited functionality compared to specialized VoIP solutions
Call tracking and recording tools Dependence on HubSpot ecosystem


Vonage is a leading cloud communications platform specializing in VoIP solutions for businesses of all sizes. With a strong global presence, Vonage is recognized for its ability to deliver secure, integrated communication services. Coupled with Leexi, companies benefit from increased performance and considerable time savings.

Main strengths Limits
Wide range of services, including VoIP and APIs More expensive solution for small businesses
Integration with a wide range of enterprise applications Less modern interface than some competitors

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To summarize

Choosing the right VoIP compatible with an AI-assisted note-taking tool like Leexi will largely depend on your company's specific needs, your budget and your existing infrastructure. When properly integrated, these tools not only improve communication management, but also provide valuable insights for optimizing your operations and strategy.

Didn't find your VoIP of choice? No problem! Leexi is constantly evolving, adapting to the needs of its users. Submit your request and it will be integrated into the platform.

Leexi is more than just a note-taking tool - it's an indispensable partner for maximizing your productivity and improving your professional efficiency.

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