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What you need to know about AI-meeting tools

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Discover AI-meeting tools and the progress they represent.

With the rapid development of technology, meeting tools based on artificial intelligence (AI) have emerged, opening up new possibilities and revolutionizing the way meetings are conducted.

Discover how AI is transforming business meetings and opening up new possibilities for more productive and interactive meetings.

What is AI-meeting?

Today's business world is increasingly connected and technology-driven. Indeed, the emergence of telecommuting has changed the need for meetings. Virtual meetings are now an integral part of the professional world.

Rapid advances in artificial intelligence have revolutionized the way meetings are organized, facilitating interaction. AI-meeting tools exploit AI capabilities such as speech recognition, machine translation, sentiment analysis and natural language processing to enhance various aspects of the meetings held.

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The importance of this inevitable development

Firstly, this kind of tool improves flexibility and accessibility. Participants can join the meeting at any time, from anywhere. This makes it easy for remote teams to work with collaborators in different time zones.

What's more, virtual conferencing reduces travel costs and logistical constraints. This offers significant financial benefits and optimizes employee time.

Finally, AI-meeting tools offer advanced features that enhance the experience of participants. These tools enable real-time translation, automatic transcription, sentiment analysis and synthesis.

Improve user experience

Artificial Intelligence: a revolution for meetings?

The transition from traditional face-to-face meetings to virtual meetings has been greatly facilitated by the integration of artificial intelligence into meeting tools.

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As we know, AI plays a key role in this evolution, helping to improve the efficiency and accessibility of these virtual meetings.

  • Increased efficiency: one of the main contributions AI will make to meetings is to improve meeting efficiency. AI-powered tools can automatically record discussions, generate summaries and identify key action points.

This reduces manual note-taking time and allows participants to focus more on real-time discussions.

What's more, thanks to speech recognition and emotion analysis, AI can better manage speaking time, ensure balanced participation from all participants and maximize meeting efficiency.

  • Facilitate collaboration: AI facilitates communication and removes language barriers to facilitate collaboration during meetings. The AI-powered real-time translation engine enables participants to express opinions in their native language that can be easily understood by others. This creates new opportunities for multilingual teams to work together to strengthen international cohesion.

AI facilitates document sharing and management to ensure efficient and transparent collaboration.

  • Analyze and make decisions: AI helps to analyze data generated during meetings, providing valuable information to participants. AI-powered tools can analyze meeting recordings to identify patterns, trends and potential opportunities. This enables teams to make more informed decisions and adjust their strategies based on the information gathered.

In addition, analysis of participants' reactions and emotions helps to assess levels of engagement and satisfaction, providing valuable information to improve meetings and promote a better, more collaborative working environment.

  • Improve user experience and personalization: thanks to AI, conferencing tools can adapt to the specific preferences and needs of each user. AI can learn a participant's work habits, communication preferences and roles to personalize features and recommendations. This delivers a smoother, more intuitive user experience.

AI-meeting tools


Virtual meetings have become a standard part of business life. Tools based on artificial intelligence play a key role in improving efficiency and the experience of participants.

This is where Leexi comes into its own, providing an all-in-one solution for flexible and efficient virtual meetings.

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Leexi features advanced AI-powered capabilities that enhance every stage of the meeting process, from planning to real-time collaboration and post-meeting analysis.

  • Voice recognition and automatic transcription: Leexi uses the most advanced voice recognition algorithms to automatically transcribe meeting discussions. This feature eliminates the need for manual note-taking, allowing participants to concentrate fully on the discussion and sharing of ideas.

  • Real-time translation: Leexi supports multilingual communication by providing automatic translation. Participants can express their opinions in their native language, and the tool will automatically translate that language for other users. This promotes clear and accurate understanding between speakers of different languages and enhances cooperation.

  • Automatically generate summaries and action points: Leexi simplifies meeting documentation and note-taking tasks by automatically generating detailed summaries and action points from discussions. Participants have immediate access to key points and decisions made during the meeting, facilitating follow-up and action.


  • Data security and confidentiality: Leexi takes the confidentiality and security of user data very seriously. The Leexi tool uses advanced protection features to ensure the security of your meetings.

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Top 7 AI-meeting tools

  1. Zoom

zoom2 Zoom is a widely used videoconferencing tool featuring features powered by Artificial Intelligence. An automatic real-time recording of the meeting is provided, making it easier for participants to understand the discussion.

Also, Zoom offers automatic filtering of ambient noise to enhance the audio quality of your meetings.

  1. Microsoft Teams


Microsoft Teams is a communication and collaboration platform. It automatically transcribes meeting recordings so users can easily search and browse discussions.

Microsoft Teams also features real-time translation, enabling participants to communicate in their native language.

  1. Cisco Webex

Cisco Webex

Webex is a videoconferencing platform that provides real-time translation to facilitate communication between participants speaking different languages.

Webex also features advanced sentiment analysis capabilities that can recognize facial expressions and voices to measure audience engagement and reactions.

  1. Google Meet

google meet

Google Meet features automatic ambient noise filtering to eliminate unwanted distractions during meetings.

In addition, Google Meet offers the option of automatically creating subtitles during meetings, improving accessibility for the hearing impaired.

  1. Otter.ai


Otter.ai is an automated note-taking and transcription tool. Automatically record and transcribe meetings to ensure accurate and detailed documentation.

Otter.ai also offers sentiment analysis, enabling users to better understand participants' reactions.

  1. Voicera


Voicera is an intelligent conferencing platform that provides automatic transcription and note-taking in real time.

Voicera also lets you create reminders and tasks from meeting discussions to manage and track actions.

  1. Speechmatics


Speechmatics is a speech recognition solution. The tool provides automatic transcription of meetings in real time, enabling users to easily capture and refer to discussions.

Speechmatics also provides real-time translation to facilitate multilingual communication.

In a nutshell...

AI-meeting tools have opened up new possibilities and revolutionized the way meetings are conducted. With new features, change your meeting experience.

By using these AI-meeting tools, organizations can streamline meetings, save valuable time and improve overall productivity. These tools offer automation, data processing and advanced analytics to help you get the most out of your business meetings.

In short, AI-meeting tools are powerful tools that will continue to change the way meetings are conducted. Harnessing the power of artificial intelligence, these tools open up new possibilities for more productive, collaborative and efficient meetings, helping organizations thrive in a constantly changing environment.

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