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How AI meeting can solve your problems

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Artificial intelligence is becoming increasingly important in our daily lives. But do you know how it can improve your professional problems?

Imagine a working day where meetings run smoothly, exchanges flow and decisions are made quickly. That might sound too good to be true, right? And yet, this is precisely what the AI meeting can bring to your daily work. In this article, we’ll explore how this revolutionary technology solves nine common problems we all face at meetings.

Long journeys

Problem Travelling to meet customers can be a major challenge in the professional field. Frequent trips can cause delays, time constraints and additional expenses. Traffic jams, transit delays and flight cancellations are all potential issues that can disrupt your schedule and impact your productivity. In addition, time spent on the move could be used more efficiently for other professional tasks.

Solution To overcome this challenge, you can adopt video conferencing and phone calls as a solution. By opting for these remote communication solutions, you will save valuable time, avoid travel constraints and be able to devote more energy to other aspects of your work. This approach will allow you to stay connected with your customers and team while maximizing your productivity.

Manual note taking

Problem Taking notes manually during meetings or client meetings can be time-consuming and frustrating. Capturing all important details by hand can lead to forgetfulness, transcription errors and a considerable waste of time. You may be distracted by trying to write down each key point, which can affect your ability to actively participate in the discussion.

note taking

Solution To solve this problem, opt for automatic transcription of your calls. Instead of taking notes manually during meetings or customer interactions, transcription allows you to keep a precise text recording of each conversation. This eliminates the need to take detailed notes in real time, allowing you to stay fully focused on the discussion.

Difficult to reread notes and find key points

Problem The difficulty of rereading handwritten notes and finding key points from a call or meeting can be frustrating. Handwritten notes can be disorganized and difficult to decipher, making proofreading laborious. Quickly finding the essential information and highlights of the conversation becomes a real challenge, and this can hinder your ability to make informed decisions or follow the thread of discussions in subsequent interactions.

Solution To overcome this problem, an effective solution lies in the use of an automatic summary of the call. Instead of struggling with hard-to-read handwritten notes, an automatic summary gives you a concise view of the key points and crucial information of each conversation. This feature automatically analyzes the call or meeting, identifies important elements and generates a structured and easily searchable summary. This greatly facilitates decision-making, strengthens your memory and improves your engagement in subsequent professional interactions.

No time to customize the tracking

Problem Customizing the tracking for each customer can quickly become a time-consuming and demanding task. Adapting information, documents and actions specific to each client requires considerable time and effort. This customization is essential to building strong relationships, but it can also slow down the pace of work and limit the ability to effectively care for multiple clients at the same time.

Solution Instead of spending a considerable amount of time customizing every interaction with your customers, automated follow-up emails allow you to effectively personalize your communication without sacrificing efficiency. With this solution, you can maintain personalized tracking while saving time and optimizing your workload. Automated follow-up emails ensure that every customer feels considered and informed, while allowing you to more effectively manage your interactions with multiple customers simultaneously.

I can’t figure it out in all my notes

Problem It can be difficult to keep all your notes organized and accessible. Between loose sheets, notebooks and documents scattered around your desk, it’s easy to lose sight of important information. The clutter in your notes can make it difficult to quickly find the details needed for meetings or subsequent follow-ups.

Solution To overcome this challenge, it is possible to use a platform with an intuitive call library. Rather than leaving your notes scattered and disorganized, you can use this library to store all your important information. Each call is recorded with key details, discussion highlights and actions to be taken. This library will allow you to quickly and easily find the necessary information before a meeting or follow-up. By using this solution, you will be able to maintain an orderly set of notes, facilitate your preparation for future interactions and avoid frustrations related to finding information.

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Remember information from previous calls

Problem It is often difficult to remember the details of previous calls with customers. With the hectic pace of meetings and conversations, it can be complicated to keep track of all the points discussed. Sometimes you run out of time to review all your notes before a new meeting. This situation can lead to significant oversights and hinder your ability to provide consistent and personalized follow-up to each client.

Solution To remedy this, you can use a platform where customer information and a short summary of previous calls are displayed. This allows you to refresh your memory quickly and ensure that every interaction is relevant and personalized.

Complicated to follow my team correctly

Problem Being constantly on the move to meet customers and teams, monitoring your employees can be a real challenge. Geographical distances and different schedules make it difficult to coordinate and communicate regularly with everyone. Important information can get lost in the mass of exchanges and travels. This situation prevents you from effectively monitoring and ensuring that each team member receives the support and information needed to succeed.

Solution The use of analytical tools proves to be an effective solution. Rather than relying solely on face-to-face conversations, you can use analytics to track the productivity and progress of each team member. Thanks to the data collected, you can make informed decisions to maximize the effectiveness of the team.

Collaboration is difficult

Problem Team collaboration can be a real headache. Working with various colleagues and partners, it is difficult to track project progress and coordinate efforts in a transparent manner. Information is scattered across different tools and documents, making it difficult to track ongoing activities and areas for improvement.

Solution To address this, you can implement internal collaboration solutions, such as scorecards and feedback. With these collaboration tools, you will be able to work together coherently, celebrate our achievements and overcome challenges with a clear vision.

Paper waste

Problem Taking notes manually during meetings and calls often involves the use of sheets of paper, which contributes to the waste of natural resources and waste generation. In addition to being environmentally unfriendly, it also adds an administrative burden in terms of organizing and storing physical notes.

Solution The solution to this problem lies in integration with customer relationship management systems. Using a CRM, you can save and store all your important notes and information electronically. This not only reduces paper consumption and the ecological footprint, but also simplifies the organization and management of your data.

paper waste

Adopting smart solutions and integrating innovation into your work methods allows you to gain efficiency, productivity and satisfaction. By embracing progress and turning to modern solutions, we can turn obstacles into opportunities, freeing up our time and energy for what really matters.

In this quest for efficiency, Leexi presents himself as an invaluable ally. By offering advanced and intuitive solutions, Leexi simplifies your business challenges, allowing you to focus on the essentials and unleash your potential.

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