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Onboarding softwares are now frequently used to facilitate the process of integrating a new employee.

Today, onboarding softwares are indispensable for the successful onboarding of new team members.

What are onboarding softwares and how do they work?

The benefits of onboarding softwares for new employees are no secret. All the statistics prove the value of onboarding with high-performance software: companies with standard onboarding software have an overall productivity of new employees that's 54% higher..


Onboarding softwares improve employee performance by up to 11% in the first week.

What is an onboarding software?

An onboarding software is a technology that helps employers facilitate the transition of new employees with virtually tailor-made support. Often, employee onboarding software features a dashboard that enables training teams to communicate easily with each other and track each employee's progress as they move through the onboarding stage.

Some softwares, like Leexi, even acts as a connexion between the candidate tracking system and the company performance management system to ensure a seamless transition in the new employee's employment history. Employers can keep track of developments, but so can employees!

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Implementing such a system helps managers and executives to address the needs and concerns of their new recruits without imposing too heavy an administrative burden on HR or managers. This onboarding software also helps to standardize the process, which means that introductions to your new employees are consistent and tailored to their role. Finally, it contributes to compliance, by ensuring that important information about new employees is not lost or misfiled.

For example, a beginner candidate will receive a full introduction to the company and key performance indicators, while an incumbent internal employee will be able to focus more on additional or newly added responsibilities. Meanwhile, the onboarding team won't have to create a new program to accommodate the candidate, they'll simply follow the guidelines already established by the software.

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Why have an onboarding software?

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The first few weeks on the job are crucial both to a new employee's success and to the relationship an employer establishes with them.

In fact, a third of employees surveyed said they knew whether they were going to stay with or leave a company after the first week on the job. Creating and maintaining an impressive onboarding experience that satisfies the new employee's need for training and keeps productivity levels at their peak is a challenge facing many organizations.

Employee onboarding must provide new recruits with everything they need to succeed and be satisfied within the company. This ranges from establishing logistical job standards to explaining the unspoken rules of internal collaboration. This is a major challenge, and one that may require considerable planning on the part of companies.


Adopting an employee induction system reduces the risk of missing crucial steps in the process, as it standardizes the program for each new recruit while allowing customization for specific job titles and job levels. What works for an executive will be completely different from that of an intern, but both will probably need induction materials and an introduction to the company's mission, values and culture.

Do you need an onboarding system?

There are a tool or software for virtually every process your department implements. The sheer number of options available can leave managers wondering what their company really needs. In general, companies should have an onboarding software system if :

  • The onboarding of a new employee causes the HR team to spend most of its time sending, tracking, checking and filing documents instead of welcoming and working with the new employee.

  • You have integration problems.

  • You have a high turnover rate at the start of an employee's term.

This list is far from exhaustive, but it gives a good idea of common problems encountered by companies. If your company is facing exponential growth, it may be time to start exploring your options before these problems begin.

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What is onboarding software used for?

As previously mentioned, onboarding software (also known as integration software) is used by companies to facilitate the process of integrating new employees. Here are some of the stakeholders who will benefit from using this software:

  • Employees: Onboarding softwares are designed to help new employees adapt to their new working environment. They provide key information about the company, its values, policies and resources to facilitate learning and decision-making on the job.

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  • Human Resources Managers: Human Resources Managers can use an onboarding software to simplify and streamline the referral process. Create customized referral plans, automate administrative tasks such as document collection and contract signing, and track the progress of new recruits throughout the process.

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  • Managers and teams: Onboarding softwares enable managers and teams to work more effectively with new employees. Provide job-specific training and resources, assign tasks and projects, and facilitate communication between team members.

  • Responsible for compliance: You can also ensure that new recruits have the information they need on company policies, regulations, safety and compliance protocols. This ensures that employees understand and respect company rules and requirements.

Leexi, a revolutionary onboarding software

Leexi is a conversational intelligence platform that allows you to perfect your onboarding method by recording your calls, but that's not all... Here are the features Leexi offers that will help you become the best salesperson:

  • A transcript of all your calls
  • An automatic summary generated at the end of each call and visio
  • An automatic follow-up e-mail
  • The questions, issues and objections of your calls

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With Leexi, accelerate your sales cycles, transform your note-taking and progress with each new interaction.

Customer reviews__: 4.9/5 on Capterra

Other examples of onboarding softwares

There are several examples of onboarding softwares on the market. Here are a few of the most popular.

  1. BambooHR

bamboo hr

BambooHR offers an onboarding software that enables companies to create customized onboarding plans, manage paperwork, provide resources and training to new hires, and track progress throughout the sponsorship process.

Customer reviews: 4.5/5 on G2

  1. Talentsoft

Cegid talentsoft

Talentsoft provides an onboarding solution that enables you to centrally manage the onboarding process for new employees. This includes features such as the creation of a personalized referral path, task and deadline management, document sharing, progress tracking, etc.

Customer reviews__: 4.5/5 on Capterra

  1. Enboarder


Enboarder is an onboarding platform that enables companies to create an interactive, personalized onboarding experience for new employees. It provides features such as automating administrative tasks, sending reminders and notifications, and collecting feedback on the referral process.

Customer reviews__: 5/5 on Capterra

  1. Workday integration


Workday Onboarding is a new integrated solution for managing employee onboarding. It enables companies to manage paperwork, provide resources and training, track the progress of new employees and facilitate collaboration between the different teams involved in the onboarding process.

Customer reviews__: 4.3/5 on Capterra

  1. SAP SuccessFactors Integration

SAP SuccessFactors FR

SAP SuccessFactors offers an onboarding module that enables companies to simplify and automate the process of onboarding new employees. It helps you create customized sponsorship plans, manage documents, provide information and resources, and track sponsorship-related KPIs.

Customer reviews: 4/5 on Capterra

These examples are just a few of the many integrated software products available on the market. Functions and features may vary depending on the software. Therefore, it's important to carefully consider your company's specific needs before choosing an integrated software package.

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