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Improve your onboarding process by following a few simple tips

  • Cut your onboarding time in half
  • Learn by training faster
Improve your onboarding process
The onboarding process is an essential step in the entire sales process. It is not to be neglected, quite the contrary.

The onboarding process must be thought out from A to Z! It's about putting all the chances on your side to attract and keep new employees. Here is an article that can help you set up a customized onboarding process and succeed onboarding every time.

What is the onboarding process?

The onboarding process is how an organization brings new hires up to speed. During this process, employees learn more about the scope of their role, their colleagues and the values of the organization as a whole. The onboarding process allows new employees to access and be trained on the tools they will use. They will also be able to ask their important questions and get acclimated to the company.

More precisely, the onboarding process has three phases:

  1. Recruitment
  2. Set-up
  3. Integration

During the recruitment phase, a company will advertise its position and interview potential candidates to ensure they are qualified for the position. The second phase includes setting up an employee's workstation with all the necessary tools and equipment and familiarizing them with their new team members. The final phase includes familiarizing employees with the company's processes, such as how to do their job or how to complete tasks assigned by their manager.

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What are the steps to follow to improve onboarding?

The duration of the employee onboarding process can range from 30 days to a year, depending on the characteristics of the position, the size of the company and the ability of the new worker to adapt to a new environment. The first few days, weeks and months are therefore crucial in establishing a good working relationship between the employee and the company. This period is also crucial because it allows for the training of the employee, and the sooner the employee is trained, the sooner they will be effective in the position for which they have been hired.

Here are some of the key points to consider during each onboarding process:

1. Prior to the new employee's start date:

The pre-induction process takes place before the new employee's first day of work. First, you need to determine what onboarding documents you need to prepare and sign before the new employee arrives. This may include legal documents, documents specific to the new employee's position, payroll documents and company-specific documents. What is also recommended is to prepare the employee's first few days with tasks designed to integrate them smoothly. This way, the employee will feel valued even before they start.

Stay in touch with the new employee and answer any questions they have before they start their new role, such as hours of work, dress code, vacation days, etc. Try to help them feel supported and part of the team from the start.

Improve your onboarding process

2. Plan the onboarding essentials

In addition to the paperwork, it's always a good idea to plan the new employee's first week. You'll want to make sure teammates are aware of the new hire's start date and that their workstations are ready to go.

You can also look for creative ideas to welcome new employees. For example, icebreaker activities and lunches for them with other team members. This way, new employees will immediately feel comfortable.

3. Check in with new team members

After the first week, the onboarding process is not over! It takes time for newly hired employees to feel completely comfortable and confident in their position.

Be sure to check in from time to time to make sure that the training is going well and that they feel adapted and adjusted. Organizing team building activities is a great way to make new employees feel integrated. This can really make a difference in retention efforts.

Leexi and onboarding:

With Leexi, we propose to improve your onboarding. First, by structuring a call library for onboarding. This involves several key points:

  1. Enabling your salespeople to understand the catchphrase
  2. Help them understand profiling
  3. Giving them the opportunity to practice raising objections
  4. Encourage them to keep working on the closing

Leexi also accelerates the onboarding of new salespeople by putting them in real-life situations as quickly as possible and by giving them confidence thanks to intuitive tools and effective training.

At Leexi, the onboarding process is based on personal design: you can individualize the initial training of salespeople by capitalizing on best practices by team, taking into account market changes and setting up individual progression at the pace of each person. The onboarding process at Leexi also allows you to boost training with mentoring: you can build tools for teamwork and progress by becoming an internal coach. Leexi also offers an intuitive dashboard that will allow you to have in one click the relevant information for knowledge acquisition and to visualize your data and understand the relevance of softskills.

Finally, thanks to Leexi you will be able to improve your onboarding process in no time.

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