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Sales training: the only way to increase your sales

  • Understanding Sales Training
  • Summary of the 15 best business courses
Customize your sales training
There is a multitude of sales training courses available, but it is not always easy to find the right one. A complete and clear training plan will allow you to reach your objectives.

A good sales training allows a sales person to improve his sales techniques in order to optimize the obtaining of deals. It is a step that must be studied, thought out and personalized because it is one of the most important foundations on which the whole company is based.

There is a multitude of sales training courses

There are as many sales training courses as there are grains of sand on the beach in Rio de Janeiro. But one bad sales training session and the whole team goes down the drain. Since sales training ultimately increases sales, it includes:

There is also continuing education which is a direct result of sales training. As you can see, there are many notions to take into account before arriving at a good sales training, especially since the existing training courses are constantly evolving. It is then necessary to try, to make a mistake, then to start again.

But how to choose the one that suits you best in order to reach the long awaited closing?

Customize your sales training

What is a good sales training?

Sales training is like an opinion, everyone has one. It's just a matter of knowing the difference between good and bad practices. After analyzing the 15 best sales trainings that exist, a trend emerges.

First, a good sales training is co-constructed. Indeed, leaders must be involved in the training sessions because salespeople need their managers to model success for them. These training sessions should be based on individual and group role plays. Remember, these training sessions should be more difficult than the actual selling!

All sales training programs include practice for the first few calls of the sales cycle, but practice for the calls that follow is less common, although it should not be overlooked. It is therefore important to practice the entire sales cycle, not just the first few calls.

As you can see, it is necessary to set up a complete training program to help your salespeople refine their skills until they are ready to handle any situation.

How do you build a good sales training plan?

There are bad coaching habits and sloppy sales practices.

To build a good sales training plan, you need to be diligent and precise: building a training plan is not something you can improvise. You will first have to identify the areas that need improvement. But your sales management strategy does not stop there, and you will have to find and adopt the right method to accompany your salespeople in their progress and throughout the sales cycle. Finally, you will have to make your action sustainable by including the learning culture in your development strategy.


Sales training is the most underestimated lever for growth

Sales training is the lever that fuels all other initiatives: new products, multi-year contracts or sales methodology.

The importance of coaching in sales training

Let's talk about coaching first. Coaching is at the heart of any sales training plan. Whether it's one-on-one, team, daily or weekly, it should be an integral part of your sales training. Yet despite being aware of what they should be doing, the vast majority of sales managers do not practice coaching or do not practice it well. However, the goal of coaching is not to tell your people what to do, but rather to understand their goals and have a constructive discussion about their plan to get there. In short, coach and be coached.

Sales consulting or more generally called "sales training".

Good sales coaches have an eye on the entire sales process, from start to finish. They can spot mistakes made by salespeople along the way and give them their valuable sales advice. Sales training must be well practiced so that advice can be exchanged quickly.

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