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What is closing about?

  • Supporting the purchasing process
  • Converting prospects
  • Closing sales
Improve your closing
Find out what closing is, how it is implemented and how to improve it.

Closing is particularly important in the sales department. After reading this article, you will know more about this step which is essential for any good salesperson. Focus on a subject that is a must in a sales training.

Define closing

Final stage of the sales cycle

when we speak of the closing of a sale, we are in fact referring to the conclusion of a sale, in other words, when the prospect decides to go ahead with the purchase. The moment is generally marked by the signature of a contract or the payment of a sum. It is finally the last steps of the sales process.

Importance of closing

Closing is the culmination of all your efforts to convert a prospect. The time you have invested in demonstrating to the prospect how your product meets their needs will be rewarded (or not) at the end of this ultimate stage. That's why it is important to anticipate it well. Therefore, there are a multitude of closing techniques.

Improve your closing

Closing in practice

Now that you know what closing means and what it involves, let's take a look at its context to integrate this major issue into the sales training.

Objections during the closing

if the prospect feels overwhelmed, it is because the closing was approached too early. In this case, he will not hesitate to make objections, in order to avoid having to make a final choice at the moment. You should not get discouraged and continue to identify the elements that are holding the prospect back from making a purchase.

Ethical concerns

However, this is not about forcing a prospect to buy something he doesn't want or need. One-call closings are hard to come by, but with the right techniques you can obviously get them. If the prospect has reached the closing stage, it means that he has shown interest in the product or service you want to sell him. It is up to you to present your arguments clearly and to take into consideration the prospect's concerns and hesitations with discernment.

Contract & Pen

Improve your closing

By now, you may be wondering how to manage your closing more effectively given what you already do on a daily basis.

To prepare

A sales representative looking to make a smooth closing must have taken the time to know their prospect. It is by giving them the feeling that you are helping them with a perfectly tailored solution that you will establish a relationship of trust and that the sale will be made in a natural way. Objections are an inherent part of the sales process. The most common ones are bad timing or too high a price. Prepare solid answers and argue the competitive advantage of your product.

Mistakes to avoid

There are some recurring mistakes that can prevent you from closing successfully. To avoid such a situation, you should follow some simple rules:

  • Make sure you talk to the right person, the decision maker, so that you don't waste time explaining your product and its features unnecessarily.
  • Don't be stubborn about closing a sale with prospects who haven't shown interest. You could be missing out on more promising opportunities.
  • Do not pressure prospects. Focus on empathy, because if you are too aggressive and bring up the closing before you have demonstrated the value of your product, the prospect will not feel listened to and considered as they should.
  • Don't lose track of your prospect. If they need time to think, come back to them. It's up to you to close the sale, your prospect won't do it alone.

Closing techniques

Closing techniques are the useful steps in sales techniques. There are many of them, and their goal is to use effective and simple persuasion mechanisms to tip the balance in your favor. They are very powerful and rely on our emotions, but it is your responsibility to use them with good intentions so as not to fall into manipulation.

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