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Leexi, the alternative to Revenue that fits your needs

  • Use facts to make business decisions
  • Speed up the onboarding of new employees
  • Make the most of each interaction
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Leexi is a conversational intelligence tool with which you can halve your onboarding time and increase your conversion rate by 50%.

Leexi is designed to improve your sales enablement: become more efficient in sales and offer an outstanding customer service. Leexi allows you to coach your salespeople and to successfully onboard your new employees.

Make business decisions based on facts, not assumptions.

Leexi is a tool that allows you to objectify your sales methods: thanks to leexi you can listen to your calls enriched with topics, feedback and many other data that will allow you to better align your efforts. You will then be able to see your shortcomings and compensate immediately. In other words: stop wasting time and focus on what really matters.

Finally, Leexi allows you to avoid retention of information: it circulates better within the company and strengthens the cohesion between teams. The fact that you can listen, comment and adopt the best practices of the best sellers allows the whole team to develop a strong team spirit.

What Leexi has more than Revenue

Features Revenue Leexi
Intuitive Dashboard
Static Call Library
Summary with context and next steps
Smart note-taking during video-conferences
Dynamic and intelligent library
Collaboration features
External sharing
Automated alerts
Onboarding in minutes
Dedicated Support
Transcription in more than 20 languages
Automated language detection
Training à la carte
Low prices
Video conferencing tools integration
Telephony tools integration
Slack and Google Suite Integration
CRM integration
European CRM

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Improve your salespeople's onboarding with internal coaching

Develop coaching and encourage mutual support between employees

At Leexi, we offer you to organize your onboarding. First, by structuring a call library allowing you to select the most relevant calls for onboarding.

But also :

  • Allow your salespeople to understand the hook phrases.
  • Help them understand profiling.
  • Give them the opportunity to overcome raising objections.
  • Encourage them to keep working on the closing.

Leexi also helps accelerate the onboarding of salespeople by putting them in a real-life situation as quickly as possible and by giving them confidence thanks to intuitive tools and effective training. A well-trained salesperson is a happy salesperson who performs well and whose salary truly represents the work.

A tailor-made onboarding process

At Leexi, the onboarding process is based on personal development. This means that you can individualize the initial training of salespeople by capitalizing on best practices for each team, taking into account market changes and setting up individual progression at the rhythm of each person. The onboarding process at Leexi also allows you to boost training with mentoring: make progress by becoming an internal coach. Leexi also provides an intuitive dashboard that will allow you to have in one click the relevant information. But also to visualize your data and understand the relevance of the softskills of your team.

Thanks to Leexi, recruiting, especially sales recruiting, becomes a breeze!


Leexi, it's the guarantee of a 100% personalized training

A good sales training is not negligible, it is in fact essential. It allows a salesperson to improve his or her sales techniques in order to optimize their business. Thanks to Leexi you can train your employees continuously, they can train themselves so that the average salesman becomes the best! Leexi training is personalized and prepares your salespeople for all eventualities and difficulties they may encounter. It helps you determine the best winning questions based on facts.

Leexi is the ideal solution for training your salespeople through listening to and analyzing the best calls and thus giving them the means to achieve excellence, to reach the heights of sales. Thanks to Leexi, you will be able to apply the best recognized sales techniques while sharing the emerging trends of the market.

Leexi is ultimately about improving closing by following the evolution and progress of each salesperson and getting to that famous closing call.

So join the Leexi adventure now!

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