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Pharow is a very reliable and simple B2B sales prospecting tool that revolutionizes prospecting.

First of all, what is a prospecting tool? A prospecting tool is a software or application designed to facilitate and optimize the process of finding and identifying business prospects. It provides specific features and tools to find new potential customers for a company.

So, if you are wasting time with too many tools to build your list of qualified B2B leads : Pharow has developed an all-in-one B2B lead generation solution. It's a prospecting tool that can help your business.

Presentation of Pharow, an efficient prospecting tool:

  1. An all-in-one tool Pharow is a tool to segment prospects in B2B, much more precise than the targeting that is possible on Linkedin. From now on, in 3 clicks and 1 tool, you can have: workforce, growth, turnover, etc. Export the obtained data and make it easy to realize email campaigns without conversion problems. To prove the quality of their database, you can test free the solution for 7 days without registering a credit card.

  2. Accurate data collection Pharow uses advanced algorithms to collect accurate and relevant lead data. Information such as contact information, professional profiles, demographics and preferences of potential customers can be extracted, allowing users to effectively target their audience.

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  1. Advanced Filtering The tool offers advanced filtering capabilities that allow users to specify search criteria such as geographic location, industry and company size. This allows you to cut through the noise and focus on the most relevant leads.

  2. Task automation Pharow automates many recovery-related tasks, saving users time and increasing efficiency. You can perform ongoing searches, update existing data, send personalized emails, track interactions, and more.

  3. Campaign Customization This tool allows users to customize their prospecting campaigns based on the information collected. By using ready-made templates or creating personalized messages, you can send relevant and engaging communications to your potential prospects.

  4. Performance Tracking Pharow provides detailed metrics and analysis on the performance of your lead campaigns. Users can track conversion rates, lead engagement, opportunities generated, and more. This data allows for fine-tuning and optimization of nurturing strategies. Integrations with other tools: Pharow offers integrations with other CRM and marketing tools to enable smoother data synchronization and more efficient use of collected information.

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By combining all of these features, Pharow facilitates customer acquisition by providing accurate data, automating tasks and providing analytical tools. This allows users to save time, improve targeting and increase the likelihood of successful prospecting campaigns.

Tutorial: how to use Pharow

Pharow works in a simple way with filters similar to salesnavigator but more advanced. For example you can put a function like "CEO" (there are a lot of functions for targeting prospects) and a function "targeting companies" where you can do a more advanced search between activities, themes, NAF, magic filters...

The magic filters: prospecting on very precise filters that are complementary to what is in the salesnavigator. This tool only works in France.

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Pharow allows you to identify the best business opportunities thanks to signals of activity and growth. Focus your sales actions on companies and prospects who are ready to listen to you.

Adding a prospect is the action of adding a prospect to one of your prospecting lists. This is the action that is counted in your subscriptions. Once a prospect is added in a list, you can launch the email search. For that, Pharow software is associated to Dropcontact, a French tool 100% RGPD and considered as the reference solution to find B2B emails. However, to use Pharow you don't need a subscription to Dropcontact to enrich contacts with their email. This enrichment is included in each subscription.

Pharow offers a native integration with Hubspot to push your prospecting data to your CRM. This integration also allows you to make sure that the added leads are not already existing in your CRM.

Go a step further!

Pharow's advantages:


Save time : Don't waste hours targeting your prospects, creating lists or enriching your emails. With Pharow you can do it instantly.

Simplify subscriptions : Pharow gathers all the products in one to identify your prospects and create your lists. A clear and easy to use platform.

Exporting data is very convenient : You just have to retrieve the documents in which you have all the information about the prospect and the company (no need to copy and paste all the time).

Pharow has an integration with Lemlist : Useful for your Lemlist cold emailing campaigns. Make your campaigns a breeze. High quality and comprehensive data with the ability to hyper-segment.

Identify the companies and prospects you want to target : Enrich their data and retrieve all the data via CSV export. You can also use the integration with Lemlist to automatically send data to your cold emailing campaigns.

Personalized support : You will be accompanied at every step through a personalized demo, explanatory videos, a very present and reactive team. Pharow allows hyper segmentation by taking into account many different data sources so the targets are really precise. You just have to select a hierarchical level and a department of the company and you will be able to find the prospects you want to identify while being able to navigate in an organization chart.

More on prospecting tools

Why integrate a prospecting tool like Pharow to find relevant contacts?

Integrating prospecting tools to find relevant contacts has several key benefits.

  • Precise Targeting: Prospecting tools allow you to set specific criteria to find contacts that match your target audience. You can filter by industry, geographic location, company size, job title, etc. This allows you to target your prospects to those most likely to be interested in your product or service.


  • __Extensive databases: Prospecting tools often come with large databases containing information on many sales contacts. This gives you access to a rich source of potential leads that you might not otherwise discover.

  • Regular updates: A good prospecting solution keeps its database up to date. This means you have up-to-date and reliable contact information, which increases your chances of connecting with active and relevant prospects.

  • Track and manage interactions: You can use the Leexi tool to track and manage interactions with prospects. You can record phone calls, generate summaries, receive follow-up emails, etc. This makes it easy to track the engagement of your prospects and helps you maintain effective relationships with them.

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  • Save time: A good prospecting tool can automate much of the lead generation process. Instead of spending hours searching manually, this tool uses advanced algorithms to find relevant leads quickly and efficiently.

  • Team Collaboration: When working in a team, you can share information and progress with your contacts using a centralized tool. This encourages collaboration between team members, avoids duplication of effort and allows for a consistent approach to the acquisition process.

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Overall, an integrated lead research tool streamlines the contact research process, saves time, targets leads, accesses a complete and up-to-date database, and effectively manages lead interactions. This significantly improves customer acquisition efficiency and results.

How to identify a good prospecting tool?

To identify a good prospecting tool, there are a few important criteria to consider.

  1. Functionality: Make sure your tool provides the essential functionality you need in your prospecting process. Find prospects, manage contacts, track interactions, automate tasks, etc.

  2. Database: Check the quality and scope of the database provided by the tool. The more complete and regularly updated your database is, the more likely you are to find relevant leads.

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  1. Integration: See if the tool integrates easily with other tools you already use such as a CRM (custom relationship management) or email system. Integration facilitates data transfer and further automates the acquisition process.

  2. Ease of use: Make sure your tools are user-friendly and easy to use. You don't want to waste time learning complicated interfaces and tools.

  3. Customer Support: Check if the tool offers good customer support. It's important to have access to support that can respond quickly if you have a problem or question.

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  1. Pricing: Evaluate the value for money of the tool. Compare the features offered and the subscription or license costs. Make sure your pricing reflects the value you get from your business.

  2. Reputation and user reviews: Research tools and look at reviews from existing users. This gives you an idea of customer satisfaction and the tool's reputation in the marketplace.

By taking these criteria into account, you should be able to find a good prospecting tool for your specific needs. Don't hesitate to compare several options before making a final decision.

The different types of prospecting tools

There are many different types of prospecting tools, each with its own features and benefits. Here are some of the most common types of prospecting tools:

  • Prospecting tools: these tools help you find new prospects by conducting online surveys. Identify relevant contacts using specific search criteria such as industry, geographic location and keywords. Popular tools in this category include LinkedIn Sales Navigator, Hunter, Snov.io and UpLead.

  • Contact Management and CRM Tools: These tools help you organize and manage your potential contacts. You can use them to store lead information, track interactions, schedule reminders, segment your contacts, etc. Examples of popular tools include HubSpot CRM, Salesforce, Pipedrive and Zoho CRM.

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  • Marketing Automation Tools: These tools allow you to automate certain lead generation tasks, such as: send follow-up emails, create email campaigns, schedule social media posts, etc. This streamlines your prospecting process and increases productivity. Mailchimp, ActiveCampaign, Marketo and HubSpot Marketing Hub are examples of tools in this category.

  • Email validation tools: These tools allow you to check the validity of the email addresses you collect. This allows you to detect invalid emails, avoid bounces and optimize the deliverability of your email campaigns. Commonly used tools include NeverBounce, ZeroBounce and BriteVerify.

  • Interaction Tracking Tools: These tools allow you to track prospects' interactions with emails, websites, ad campaigns, etc. They provide valuable information on the effectiveness of your email campaigns. They provide valuable information about lead engagement so you can personalize your approach and prioritize the leads that interest you most. Examples of interaction tracking tools include Google Analytics, Mixpanel and Hotjar.


  • Content Generation Tools: These tools allow you to create quality content that boosts your prospecting efforts. These include tools for graphics, visual design, video creation, etc. Popular tools include Canva, Adobe Creative Cloud and Animoto.

Choosing the best prospecting tool for your specific needs and prospecting process is essential. You may also want to consider integrating multiple tools for a more comprehensive and effective approach to new customer acquisition.

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