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Enrich your B2B data with Datagma

  • Find the information you need to prospect
  • Reach prospects by all means
  • Get valid data
Improve your prospecting
Datagma centralizes all the information you need to contact the right prospects in the right place. It makes B2B marketing seamless.

Nowadays, data is the new gold. In the 20th century, many people went on the quest to find it and get rich easily and quickly. Today, we are witnessing the same rush that we previously lost with the advances in data which were made common by all. There is a great opportunity waiting for you all. Datagma is the prospecting tool that guarantees to help you exploit it.

What is Datagma?

Datagma is a Google Chrome extension that coexists with your main browser window in LinkedIn, email, CRM, and company websites to provide you with in-depth research on companies and contacts, while providing you with their email addresses and phone numbers in a single click.

The most up-to-date data on the market

To guarantee the most recent data possible and GDPR compliance, Datagma does not have any databases. For each enrichment request, the software scans the entire web in real time in a few seconds.

  • Only recent and real time data
  • No database - 100% GDPR compliant
  • No need for session cookies, no limitations

Enrich any input

Datagma's unique technology allows you to enrich your data from any input point, including:

  • LinkedIn profile URL
  • Email address
  • Company name and prospect name
  • Company name (if you only want company data)
  • SIREN number (if you only want company data)
  • Website (if you only want company data)

Tracking changes in contacts' tasks

Timing is everything. Datagma is able to notify you in real time when your prospects change jobs or when they join new companies.

  • Get a file with all recent job changes in your prospect list
  • Automatically update your CRM
  • Automatically alert your sales team via Slack

Enhance your data with Datagma

Datagma enhances your data with personal, business, website and financial data. With innovative products and features, Datagma enables you to:

  • measure and monitor the effectiveness of your campaigns
  • improve customer experience
  • increase conversion rates
  • improve brand loyalty and increase sales

The goal of data enrichment is to obtain accurate and up-to-date customer information and feedback and to identify patterns from multiple sources of information.
Data enhancement gives you accurate data in real time so you can make faster and smarter business decisions. In addition, data enrichment eliminates data degradation, saves time, reduces costs and increases customer conversions.

Companies that don't fully leverage their customer data limit their ability to grow and succeed in the marketplace.

Improve your prospecting

Business Data Collection and Updating

Datagma is ideal for enriching business data with dynamic and intuitive functionalities, powered by AI and a rich library of online information. Datagma easily updates all the relevant information of the targeted company. Enterprise data enrichment is the process of updating target business data from trusted third-party sources.

Common forms of enterprise data enrichment include updating a prospect's information/contact information, job title, phone number and email address. The target company's official website, phone number, email address, fax, physical location, industry, tags, and social media handles must also be up-to-date and accurate.

Enhancing company data allows for more personalized and collaborative interactions with target companies, enabling them to offer higher value products and services.

The use of up-to-date data minimizes shipping, delivery, fraud and billing errors. Accurate sales data builds business confidence and provides fast, efficient, and professional service while reducing the cost of maintaining a large, error-prone CRM.

Accueil Datagma

Expand your B2B channel with Datagma

Datagma's data platform provides the best business data available.

Datagma provides a wide range of personal data, including:

  • job title
  • e-mail address
  • phone number
  • postal code
  • social network ID
  • Date of birth
  • gender
  • City

Datagma also provides additional company information such as company name, legal address, map, branch office, type of business, date of inception and exact number of employees. This information is also essential for developing effective marketing strategies and providing unique solutions to your target company's problems and needs.

Datagma also excels at providing rich financial data. Collecting, cleaning and categorizing business and customer financial data improves financial transparency and accountability, and opens the door to funding and grants from financial institutions. In addition, having an up-to-date financial record helps keep your business in compliance with government regulations.

Datagma also improves website information. This helps you keep your business website relevant and helps you convert more leads. With services such as website traffic tracking by country, Alexa ranking analysis, Semrush traffic information, and advertising platform analysis, Datagma can help you improve your business website. You can modernize your website and provide visitors with accurate and innovative solutions.

Bottom line: Datagma is a game-changer for growing your business fast and staying on top!

A strong commitment to your security and that of your data

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