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Leexi: the alternative In note-taking and coaching

  • Leexi is designed to boost your productivity
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Leexi is the AI-notetaker alternative: convert more deals, reduce onboarding time and stop taking notes during meetings!

Leexi is a conversational intelligence platform: you will be able to analyze all your calls in detail , benefit from an automatic summary generated by the AI. Take advantage of Leexi's artificial generative intelligence with tailored AI summaries, automatic call&visioconferences scoring, automatic tags and more, all stored in Europe!

The conversational intelligence allows you to collect clear and directly exploitable data on each of your calls, which deepens your understanding of each conversation.

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Why Leexi?

Leexi is a conversational intelligence platform that includes many features that can be very useful during your calls and video conferences. Leexi helps you transcribe your calls. However, thanks to its advanced artificial intelligence, Leexi offers a totally new approach that will surprise you!

  • Leexi is the most advanced tool in artificial generative intelligence with its custom AI summaries, automatic call&visioconferences scoring, automatic tags, and more
  • Leexi the exceptional quality-price solution, whether on the AI-meeting plan (see our rates page) or on our Enterprise plan for sales teams.
  • The summary of all your calls and more: Discover the possibilities of Leexi, the revolutionary AI-Meeting and AI-Notes tools.
  • Our customers from all over Europe use our platform in 100 languages to streamline their processes and achieve better results.
  • Try it for yourself with our free trial and see for yourself how you can transform your business with Leexi. (Mindblowing!)
  • Thanks to its artificial intelligence, is the tool directly extracts actionable data, allowing you to work more efficiently.

Stop writing everything down in your meetings

You will be able to have the script of all your calls and videoconferences. Based on the text, you will be able to highlight the main ideas to make it easier for you to take notes. Each of your calls and videoconferences will be automatically summarized and sent to your CRM!

Convert more deals with Leexi

You will be able to base your decisions on facts, objectify your sales methods and sales pitch with Leexi. Find out why some opportunities are not taken, analyze the model of your best sellers and duplicate it to your whole team.

Reduce onboarding time

Onboarding is a topic to be taken seriously in view of the large quota of sales and the arrival of new colleagues every year. Leexi allows you to create a library of relevant calls in a very intuitive way thanks to powerful filters. Explore the dynamic library with the best calls principle to discover on Leexi.

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Become accomplished sales leaders

Have you ever thought how much time you could save if your calls were summarized and transcribed? With Leexi, accelerate your sales cycles, transform your note taking and progress with each new interaction.

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Faster than lightning implementation

It has never been easier to integrate a tool with your CRM, video conferencing and VOIP applications. On top of that, you will have a personalized support for the installation and the good use of the Leexi platform!

So don't hesitate! Choose Leexi AI to benefit from a powerful technology partner that offers advanced analysis capabilities, intelligent automation and automatic note taking and summarization.

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