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noCRM.io, the prospecting tool you need

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  • A proactive approach
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With noCRM.io, save time, manage your leads efficiently, manage your teams, and much more!

noCRM.io, what is it?

noCRM.io is a complete customer relationship management (CRM) platform designed to streamline and simplify your sales process. Unlike traditional CRMs, which are often overloaded with unnecessary features, noCRM.io takes a more centralized approach, providing a clean solution for managing and tracking leads simply and efficiently. The platform enables sales teams to acquire and sort leads quickly, assign them to team members and track their progress throughout the sales process.

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Features of noCRM.io

noCRM.io offers a number of features to help sales teams effectively manage leads and streamline the sales process. Here are some key features of noCRM.io:

  1. Capture leads: with noCRM.io, you can easily collect and store information about your leads. Whether via an online form, e-mail or social networks, you can quickly capture the relevant details and import them into your account.

  2. Lead management: This tool lets you organize your leads in a structured way. You can classify them according to different criteria such as: stage in the sales process, prospect origin, importance, etc. This makes it easy to visualize and follow up each lead.

  3. Allocate leads: noCRM.io lets you allocate leads to specific members of your team. You can define a person responsible for each lead to promote a more balanced division of labor and better collaboration within your sales team.

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  1. Activity Tracking: This feature tracks the interactions and activities associated with each prospect. You can record calls, e-mails, meetings, tasks and notes for each prospect. This helps you track progress, plan next steps and keep track of actions taken.

  2. Customize your workflow: noCRM.io lets you tailor the steps of the sales process to your specific needs. Define customized steps, fields and actions based on your workflow and configuration.

  3. Reporting and analysis: This tool provides advanced reporting and analysis capabilities. Generate reports on sales team performance, lead conversion rate, average response time and more. This information allows you to evaluate performance and make decisions based on concrete data.

noCRM.io provides essential functionality for lead management, activity tracking and increased productivity for your sales team, all in an easy-to-use, customizable environment.

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noCRM.io offers a variety of pricing options to suit different business needs and budgets. Here's an overview of the different pricing options offered by noCRM.io:

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  • Starter Kit: This plan is perfect for small sales teams looking to organize and manage leads efficiently. It includes essential features such as lead generation, contact management, activity tracking and critical reporting.

  • Sales Experts: This package is suitable for sales teams who want to take advantage of advanced features to optimize their sales process. It includes all the features of the beginners' plan, plus extras such as workflow customization, lead attribution, integration with other tools, reporting and deeper analysis.

  • Dream Team: This plan is designed for large organizations with complex lead management needs, as well as specific customization and integration requirements. In addition to all the features of the Expert plan, the Dream Team plan also offers personalized support, enhanced security features, priority support and extensive customization options.

Keep in mind that prices for the different plans may vary depending on the size of your team, the number of prospects you manage and the specific features you require. For exact pricing information and specific business requirements, we recommend you contact noCRM.io directly or visit the official website.


noCRM.io offers integrations with several popular tools to improve the efficiency and connectivity of your sales process. Here's an overview of the main integrations available on noCRM.io:

  1. E-mail integration: noCRM.io can connect to e-mail tools such as Gmail, Outlook and Microsoft Exchange. This synchronizes e-mail conversations with prospects and tracks all interactions within the platform.
  2. Telephone integration : integration with telephony services such as RingCentral, Twilio and Freshcaller enables you to make calls directly from noCRM.io and record call details in your lead records.
  3. Integration with Web forms: noCRM.io can connect to Web forms such as Wufoo and Typeform. This will automatically extract lead information from your form and integrate it directly into your noCRM.io account.

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  1. Integration with productivity tools: noCRM.io also offers integration with productivity tools such as Google Calendar, Office 365 and Zapier. This makes it easy to synchronize appointments, tasks and reminders between noCRM.io and your other work tools.
  2. Integration with communication platforms: noCRM.io can be integrated with communication platforms such as Slack and Microsoft Teams. This enables seamless collaboration between team members, facilitating information sharing and real-time communication.
  3. Customized integrations: In addition to predefined integrations, noCRM.io also provides APIs and webhooks that enable customized integrations with other tools and systems specific to your business.

These integrations allow noCRM.io to transparently integrate with your existing software ecosystem, making your sales team more productive and centralizing important information in one place. Please note that the availability of integrations may vary according to the pricing plan selected and renewed by noCRM.io. For more information on current integrations, we recommend that you visit the official [noCRM.io] website (https://www.nocrm.io/) or contact the support team.

In short, why integrate noCRM.io as soon as possible?

Integrating noCRM.io offers many advantages to sales teams looking for an effective customer relationship management solution. noCRM.io simplifies and rationalizes your sales process by integrating all the features you need to manage leads and track sales. The integration with popular tools such as e-mail, telephone, web forms and communication platforms enables seamless connectivity and centralization of data, promoting team collaboration and productivity.

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