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Leexi vs Chorus: which alternative to choose?

  • Improve your sales performance
  • Halve onboarding time
  • Help your salespeople become better than the best
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Aim for excellence with the conversational intelligence platform Leexi. Transcribe and analyze your calls and make every interaction count.

Chorus is a conversational intelligence platform for high growth sales teams. Founded in 2015, the platform identifies and helps teams mimic the performance of top performers by analyzing their calls. This information provides the foundation for an effective coaching strategy for sales teams. At Leexi, we decided to do better.

Leexi uses conversational intelligence to help all sales teams working on the phone or video conferences to progress, right from the onboarding stage. Leexi is an indispensable tool, complementary to your sales CRM and your conferencing tools. It puts the sales person at the heart of the matter. Here are the advantages of Leexi for your sales enablement.

What makes Leexi a groundbreaking sales tool?

The customer is at the very center of Leexi's actions: we want to give the best welcoming and the best service for each of our customers. Imagine being able to identify high-impact areas of improvement for each of your representatives. It is now possible thanks to Leexi!

Leexi's advantages over Chorus

Features Chorus Leexi
Intuitive Dashboard
Static Call Library
Dynamic and intelligent library
Collaboration features
External sharing
Automated alerts
Onboarding in minutes
Dedicated Support
Transcription in over 20 languages
Automatic language detection
Training a la carte
Video conferencing tools integration
Integration of telephony tools
Slack and Google Suite Integration
CRM integration
European CRM

Why is Leexi a game-changer for salespeople?

Leexi naturally encourages mutual support among salespeople by sharing the best practices that are now quickly and easily accessible to the entire team. With an intuitive and guided workflow, you can reproduce what works. Moreover, replaying calls has never been easier with the live transcript and the access to the video conference or MP3 recording. Coupled to analysis based on words and statistics specific to a call.

With the transcript, focus on the meeting and improve your active listening skills to close more deals.

onboarding 1

Why is Leexi a game-changer for managers?

You always have the statistics you need to support your approach to your teams' performance. Equip them with automation and information tools so they can spend more time on buyers and less time on handwork.

Forget subjectivity and hearsay of salespeople's notes and align your team with what is actually being said in the discussions with clients. Facts make the difference.

Use custom metrics to see at a glance whether your team is following the prescribed sales process. Understand if your training is effective and if the approved discussion tracks are being used. You'll know where to invest the most time.

Provide access to customer feedback to all teams and report information directly to the product and marketing teams...

How does Leexi halve the onboarding time?

Use role-based learning for each salesperson to reduce team integration time and decrease the effort required for new reps to close deals. Reps learn from top performers and reach (or exceed) their level more easily.

Overall, Leexi helps you to :

  • simplify your coaching sessions
  • shorten the duration of onboarding
  • switch to continuous training -stop taking notes during meetings.

Using Leexi, you have access to powerful charts that determine actionable indicators to monitor acquisition progress and facilitate initiative feedback.

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How does Leexi stand out?

Leexi has many unique features that will revolutionize your onboarding and coaching process and help your salespeople exceed their expectations.

Use topics to analyze the content of your calls

The topics allow to see, at a glance, the different points that have been discussed and at which level of the call. They also help the manager in the construction and improvement of the script and in the follow-up of the sellers. They allow you to quickly and easily identify the areas that need to be worked on first. It can be closing or objections for instance. To organize ongoing training, rely on the topics to guide you and help your salespeople assimilate the best practices.

Take advantage of the weekly reports to continuously keep track of statistics

Leexi organizes and facilitates the life of managers and salespeople by automating the display of statistics through a weekly summary email that can be customized. The analytics allow to focus on improvement points and to observe the progress of each one and its level compared to the rest of the salespersons.

Access a smart and intuitive call library

Leexi enables you to create a library that lists the best calls and organizes them according to different criteria (by tags, by best calls...). You can customize your library yourself.

So, would you like to switch to Leexi?

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