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Leexi: a great alternative to Callminer

  • Transform your sales force
  • Enhance onboarding
  • Make the most of your coaching
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Enrich your salespeople's skills, customize your training and improve your coaching through conversational intelligence.

Leexi is a conversational intelligence solution that links your CRM with your telephony or video conferencing tool. Leexi is a tool that boosts your sales enablement thanks to data analysis. Our idea: to improve your coaching, training and onboarding by providing you with a personalized follow-up and allowing you to spot problems right away and solve them.

Leexi's strengths compared to Callminer

Features Callminer Leexi
Intuitive Dashboard
Automatic call summaries with context and next steps
Smart note-taking during video-conferences
Static Call Library
Dynamic and intelligent library
Collaboration features
External sharing
Automated alerts
Onboarding in minutes
Dedicated Support
Transcription in more than 20 languages
Automatic language detection
Training à la carte
Low prices
Video conferencing tools integration
Telephony tools integration
Slack and Google Suite Integration
CRM integration
European CRM

The advantages of Leexi over Callminer

Increase your sales

With Leexi, facts are in, data is actionable, and performance is constantly increasing. Leexi enables you to drive revenue with accurate call analytics that provide an individual assessment of your salespeople's performance. This gives them all the tools they need to expand their sales capabilities. You will be able to sort, process and analyze your data in order to challenge your team's customer follow-up: all your employees have access to each other's calls, and can comment or mention them in order to optimize their future calls. In other words, they are inspired by the best to become the best themselves.

Ongoing and personalized training

With Leexi, you'll be able to implement the best proven sales techniques in a unique way, while learning about emerging trends in the market. A good sales training is not negligible, it is even essential: it allows a salesperson to improve his or her sales practices in order to optimize the rate of successful deals. Leexi offers you a highly personalized training that prepares your salespeople for all eventualities and difficulties they may encounter. Leexi allows you to identify the best winning questions asked during calls. You are now based on facts and not on assumptions.

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Improve the onboarding of salespeople

Leexi also helps speed up the onboarding of new sales staff by putting them in real-life situations and giving them confidence thanks to intuitive tools and effective training. A well-trained salesperson is a contented, successful salesperson whose salary truly represents the work.

At Leexi, the onboarding process is based on personal conception: you can individualize the initial training of salespeople by taking into account the best practices of the teams and the shifts in the market. The onboarding process at Leexi also allows you to boost training with mentorship: you can build tools for teamwork and progress by becoming an internal coach. Leexi also offers an intuitive dashboard that will allows you to have in one click the relevant information for the learning process and to visualize your data and understand the relevance of the softskills of your team.


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