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Improving mobility and collaboration through Ringover

  • Make it easier to communicate
  • Advantages and disadvantages
Improve your communication
Ringover is a flexible collaborative cloud platform that enables the full functionality of modern phones within enterprise applications.

Ringover is a cloud-based enterprise business telephonyfor small and medium-sized companies. It is designed for sales and support teams and allows the integration of the rich functionality of modern phones into the company's customer relationship management and support applications. Ringover offers many capabilities such as unlimited calling and mobility analytics for company employees. A local or remote call center is thus created by using interactive voice services and intelligent call management.

What are the main advantages and disadvantages of Ringover?

The main advantages are the following:

  • IP telephony: the platform easily integrates into your company's network and allows you to maintain high quality calls via your landline, cell phone or computer. The use of SMS is also possible for business interactions. You can choose from 65 landline or mobile numbers in many different countries to simply access the right person wherever you are.

  • Teleconferencing and videoconferencing: You can make video calls from any device (computer, smartphone, tablet). All calls use the features of your landline or cell phone avoiding the installation of specific additional applications. Screen sharing is of course possible.

  • Instant messaging: Ringover makes communication between employees easier thanks to its instant messaging. Just like video conferencing and teleconferencing, everything happens online and messages are encrypted for RGPD compliance.

  • Call Hub: This module allows you to provision agents and phone numbers, distribute calls, manage queues or provide monitoring and double listening. The platform offers various monitoring dashboards for customer support and performance management. Our solution easily integrates with your CRM and call center through a native interface or an API (works with HubSpot, Zoho, Salesforce, Zapier, etc.). You can try the tool for free for 7 days. There are three different pricing plans.

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Ringover is available from €19 per user per month. The unlimited calls option gives access to over 100 destinations in Europe and the world. For HD video conferencing and call recording, the price is €39 per month per user. Ringover offers real-time monitoring, advanced reporting and integration with your CRM software. The platform is customizable and can be easily modified to meet the needs of your company.

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The disadvantages :

You can't chat with support, the "smart" version has fewer options, and the price is considerably high. If the discussion with the support is important to you, there is also an application called Aircall that has similar components to Ringover.

Ringover simplifies work by allowing you to:

  1. Communicate from anywhere in the world: stay connected wherever you are in web and mobile applications. Instantly activate your call center and start chatting on any channel. You can:
  • Make calls, video conferences, SMS, etc
  • Make unlimited international calls to 110 destinations
  • All you need is an internal connection
  1. You can customize each chat and greeting and automatically route calls to the right agent. Access key information about your customers and prospects through the application's built-in CRM.
  • Easy to configure IVR
  • Intelligent call routing
  • CRM file pop-up window
  1. See success in real time: Access your team's activity and availability in a single view. Optimize your team's performance with real-time statistics.
  • Actionable information
  • View group activity in real time
  • Extended call statistics
  1. Train and promote your agents remotely: coach your team during or after the call and keep them on track.
  • Two-way listening
  • Discreet interference
  • Call recording

Users opinion

Overall, individuals feel that the application meets their needs and the call quality is clear. The usage rate of the app by company employees is good and it is easy to integrate and use.

Users are also very satisfied with Ringover's ability to record calls. On the other hand, some of them have encountered problems with the platform such as poor sound quality. Some have even reported losing customers to the platform, leaving them deeply dissatisfied.

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