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Conversational AI to improve customer experience? 5 good reasons to use it

  • Conversational AI to enhance the customer experience
Improve your customer experience
Conversational AI is increasingly present in our society. So it’s interesting to understand how it can help businesses, especially with customer experience.

Customer experience is at the heart of any successful business. Today's customers are looking for personalized interactions, instant assistance and tailor-made solutions. This is where conversational artificial intelligence comes in, offering exceptional opportunities to significantly improve the customer experience.

In this article, we present 5 compelling reasons to use conversational AI to improve your customers' experience.

Conversational AI, what is it?

Conversational AI is a form of artificial intelligence that uses advanced technologies such as natural language processing and machine learning. It enables machines to understand and respond to customer requests through different interfaces. The main aim of conversational AI is to provide accurate, rapid and personalized responses to best satisfy the customer.

What is a good customer experience?

A good customer experience means offering fluid, personalized and relevant interactions at every stage of the customer journey. According to a study by the renowned firm KPMG, customer experience rests on 6 pillars: personalization, integrity, expectations, time & effort, resolution and empathy. This includes clear communication, rapid responses to requests, personalized recommendations and effective problem resolution. The aim is to build trust and customer loyalty.

L'expérience client

Reason n°1 : collect data to better understand customer needs

Conversational AI collects valuable data on customer interactions. This data can then be analyzed to correctly define customer needs and preferences. This then allows us to adapt the interactions and propose tailor-made offers and solutions that meet their needs and expectations.

Reason n°2 : personalized recommendations and offers

Another great benefit of Conversational AI is its ability to offer tailored solutions to customers. By using the data collected and analysed, it can offer recommendations and personalized offers adapted to their expectations, which reinforces their commitment and stimulates sales.

That’s exactly what Leexi does! Thanks to our artificial intelligence, during your calls, Leexi automatically transcribes the conversations in a written summary. This allows you to revisit key moments and adapt to each customer’s specific needs and expectations, improving the overall experience.

Improve your customer experience

Reason n°3 : instant answers thanks to assistants

Reducing waiting times and improving customer satisfaction is also possible with conversational AI! Indeed, it can offer instant assistance to customers by answering their questions in real time. It is often presented in the form of online assistants such as chatbots. This reduces waiting times and improves customer satisfaction.

Online Assistant

Reason n°4 : Saves time

Another important advantage is that repetitive and time-consuming tasks are automated thanks to conversational AI. Your teams can then concentrate on higher value-added activities. From chatbots for routine inquiries to automatic summaries during your calls, automation with conversational AI optimizes the efficiency of your processes, while delivering a fast and fluid customer experience.

Reason n°5 : Continuous improvement through machine learning

Conversational AI uses machine learning to continuously improve. By gathering data on customer interactions, AI can learn and adapt to provide increasingly accurate answers and solutions. This continuous improvement guarantees a superior customer experience and positions your company at the forefront of innovation.

For example, with Leexi, a short summary of previous conversations is displayed before each call to remind you of the important points discussed. So you avoid repetition and offer your customers an even more personalized experience.

To conclude ...

Conversational AI represents a real opportunity to improve the customer experience. It makes it possible to provide personalized offers, automate repetitive tasks and use machine learning for continuous improvement. At Leexi, we understand the importance of the customer experience, which is why our service incorporates all these advanced conversational AI features. By choosing Leexi, you'll be able to stand out from the crowd, build customer loyalty and benefit from a service at the cutting edge of innovation. Don't miss this opportunity to propel your business towards an exceptional customer experience with Leexi!

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