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Nowadays, companies must adapt to new technologies in order to remain competitive. Artificial intelligence is revolutionizing the world of recruitment. With its advanced capabilities, it allows companies to simplify and optimize their candidate selection processes, offering powerful tools to find the best talent. In this article, we will explore the recurring problems in traditional recruitment and the advantages that AI brings to solve them. Take advantage of the best of this article to revolutionize your recruitment process.

Challenges of traditional recruitment

Companies face significant challenges when it comes to recruiting new talent. The traditional recruitment process, although commonly used, has several shortcomings:

1. Lack of productivity:

Traditional recruitment can be a long and tedious process, requiring significant investment in terms of time and human resources. Companies typically have to post job offers, sort through resumes, schedule interviews, conduct reference checks, and make final decisions. All of this can take weeks or even months, resulting in a loss of productivity for the company. Additionally, recruitment teams can become overwhelmed by the high number of applications, making the process even more inefficient.

2. High cost:

Traditional recruitment can also be costly for companies. The expenses of posting job offers on specialized platforms, conducting interviews and selection tests, as well as the salaries of recruitment teams, can add up to a considerable sum. Furthermore, if a company relies on external recruitment agencies, the costs can increase even further. These expenses can be particularly problematic for small and medium-sized enterprises with limited budgets.

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3. Complexity of the steps to follow:

The traditional recruitment process involves multiple steps, each requiring special attention. It is necessary to write an attractive job offer, sort through resumes, schedule interviews, conduct reference checks, and make final decisions. Each step can be complex and requires specific expertise. Recruitment teams must be able to effectively manage all these steps, which can be challenging and time-consuming.

4. Profile summary and candidate selection:

Another major challenge in recruitment is the need to summarize candidate profiles and make informed choices. Recruitment teams must review numerous resumes and assess the skills and experience of candidates to find the best profiles that match the company's needs. This can be a subjective process prone to selection errors. Additionally, candidates may be tempted to lie or exaggerate their qualifications, further complicating the selection process.

Traditional recruitment presents several challenges that companies must face. In the second part of this article, we will see how the use of artificial intelligence can help overcome these challenges and improve recruitment efficiency.

AI as a solution to optimize recruitment

Faced with these challenges, artificial intelligence (AI) emerges as a promising solution to optimize the recruitment process. In particular, Leexi offers advanced features specifically addressing the issues of lack of productivity, costs, complexity of the steps to follow, and candidate selection. Here's how Leexi can help companies improve their recruitment efficiency.

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1. Improved productivity:

Leexi allows for productivity optimization by automatically recording calls and video conferences during recruitment interviews. With its automatic transcription system, Leexi provides a clear and detailed summary of the entire conversation, allowing recruitment teams to fully focus on the exchange with candidates without taking notes. This saves time and improves team productivity.

2. Cost reduction:

By using Leexi, companies can reduce recruitment costs. By avoiding the need to hire stenographers or outsource interview transcription, companies save valuable financial resources. Additionally, by reducing the time spent on manual management of applications and interviews, recruitment teams can focus on higher-value tasks, optimizing the use of human resources.

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3. Simplification of steps to follow:

Leexi helps simplify the steps of the recruitment process by automating certain tasks. The tool automatically connects to meetings and records conversations, eliminating the need for manual organization of interviews and note-taking. Additionally, Leexi provides a list of follow-ups and actions to be taken, facilitating candidate follow-up and tracking of recruitment process steps. Thanks to its fine analysis of the interview exchanges, Leexi is able to identify tasks to be performed and automatically add them to an organized list. This list of follow-ups and actions provides recruiters with a clear and structured vision of the next steps to be taken after the interview.

4. Improved candidate selection:

Leexi offers a real-time automatic summary feature, allowing recruitment teams to have a quick overview of the key points discussed during the interview. This facilitates candidate selection by quickly identifying relevant skills and experience. Additionally, Leexi suggests a follow-up email proposal: the tool uses the information to generate a complete and personalized follow-up email, accurately and relevantly summarizing the elements discussed during the interview. This feature allows recruiters to quickly send feedback to candidates and maintain effective communication throughout the recruitment process.

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The integration of artificial intelligence, particularly through the use of Leexi, offers an innovative solution to optimize the recruitment process. By addressing the challenges of lack of productivity, high costs, complexity of the steps to follow, and candidate selection, Leexi allows companies to save time and improve the efficiency of their recruitment. By adopting AI, companies can benefit from a more productive recruitment process and achieve better results in talent selection.

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