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The 5 Best Alternatives to Teams Premium

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These days, we are looking to enhance our productivity in our daily tasks, and with the advent of artificial intelligence, new tools allow us to save time in note-taking. Microsoft Teams is undoubtedly one of the most popular platforms, offering a wide range of features for team collaboration. However, if you are seeking alternatives to Teams Premium that cater to your specific needs, look no further. In this article, we present the top 5 connected alternatives to Teams that might surprise you and further enhance your productivity.

First, let's review the capabilities of Teams Premium. Microsoft Teams Premium is a paid option in the Microsoft Teams communications program. It's a new offering that enriches the Teams experience by providing additional features such as a summary of your meetings, or chaptering. These services require you to interact with Teams premium manually, which is often a hindrance for users who are not AI experts.

Advantages Disadvantages
Advanced protection measures Manual activation summary
Data protected by encryption and dual authentication Recording only possible with organizer status
No possibility to record on other platforms
No external integrations (salesforce, microsoft dynamic 360, hubspot,...)
Low automation and no integration outside Teams
No professional high-level functions

In this article, we present the 5 best alternatives to Teams premium :

1. Leexi(H2)


Leexi is a productivity tool that records your calls and video conferences, providing an automatic summary, follow-up email, and next steps. It offers high-quality automatic transcription as well as precise note-taking. Equipped with a broad range of features, it streamlines the management of conversations and meetings by offering automatic transcription, collaboration options, and follow-up email functionalities. With its advanced search capabilities, you can quickly locate a specific passage in a transcription or find previous meetings using keywords or searched phrases. It enables users to stay organized, save time, and be more effective in their professional activities. It stands out as the best alternative to Teams Premium that we recommend.

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Advantages Disadvantages
Automatic summary None
Automatic recording
Available on Teams, Google Meet, Zoom, ...
Available for organizers and guests
ISO 27001 standard and European servers
Over 100 available languages
Possibility of free trial
Attractive pricing based on the number of users

2. Gong(H2)


Gong is an innovative solution designed for B2B sales teams, aiming to optimize conversions by recording, transcribing, and analyzing all sales conversations, including phone calls, emails, and chats. Through the cloud-based application, sales professionals can collaborate effectively and leverage the information gathered during interactions with clients to refine their arguments and sales strategies. One of Gong's most powerful features is its ability to provide insights into the revenue generated by recorded sales conversations. The tool analyzes call recordings, then generates statistics and key performance indicators to enhance sales performance.

Advantages Disadvantages
Automatic call recording and transcription High price
Advanced revenue projection Only for sales teams
Available on Teams, Google Meet, Zoom Servers located outside Europe

3. Fireflies(H2)


Fireflies AI is an artificial intelligence tool designed to assist teams in organizing and making the most of their meetings. By leveraging voice recognition technology, this tool is able to transcribe and record exchanges automatically. Then, through sophisticated machine learning algorithms, it analyzes these recordings to extract relevant data and generates detailed reports. These reports can be useful for tracking project progress, assessing meeting effectiveness, or identifying areas for improvement. With this valuable feedback, teams can make more informed decisions and optimize their meeting processes.

Advantages Disadvantages
Automatic audio recording 800 minutes of storage
Generated note-taking in minutes Servers located outside Europe
Compatible with multiple platforms Mid-range pricing

4. Chorus(H2)


Chorus is a platform that enables the analysis of sales conversations to enhance the performance of sales teams. Through the recording and analysis of interactions between sales representatives and clients, Chorus provides concrete insights to strengthen skills, optimize processes, and increase conversion rates. Sales conversation recordings can be shared with team members, allowing everyone to benefit from each other's expertise. Representatives can also access a knowledge database that catalogs best practices, sales scripts, and responses to common objections. In addition to individual performance analysis, Chorus offers personalized dashboards and detailed reports, allowing sales managers to track trends, identify strengths and areas for improvement, and make informed decisions to optimize sales strategies.

Advantages Disadvantages
Instant access to transcriptions Transcription in English mainly
Advanced B2B intelligence No automatic language detection
Personalized sales coaching High license price

5. Clari(H2)


Clari's Revenue Platform aims to optimize the entire revenue management process by enhancing efficiency, predictability, and growth. Through this platform, sales teams have a comprehensive view of their activity, strengthening processes, aiding in identifying risks and opportunities, improving forecast accuracy, and increasing overall efficiency. With the integration of advanced analytics tools, Clari's Revenue Platform also provides predictive capabilities, allowing teams to accurately predict future revenues. Forecasts are no longer based on rough estimates but on real data and sophisticated analytical models.

Advantages Disadvantages
Automated call recording and transcription Focuses primarily on revenue forecasting
Examines long-term prospects High price
Real-time sales coaching

Test the best alternative

By exploring the 5 interesting alternatives to Microsoft Teams Premium, you have opened the door to various opportunities to enhance the management of your meetings and tasks. These options underscore the importance of choosing a solution tailored to the specific needs of a business, considering features offered, team size, user-friendliness, integration with other tools, and compatibility with devices. Whether you are seeking particular features, competitive pricing, or seamless integration into your existing workflow, there is a solution that fits your needs. Nevertheless, Leexi offers an optimal combination of features and good value for money. By choosing Leexi, you can be assured of an optimal experience. Therefore, take the time to explore these options, test them, and find the one that will improve your efficiency and productivity.

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