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The 10 best alternatives to Modjo

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If you want to improve the productivity of your teams, it is important to choose the right solution, which will meet all your needs and expectations.

In a world where efficiency and productivity are essential, it is crucial to choose the right tools to manage your meetings and daily tasks. Why look for an alternative to Modjo? There are many reasons. First of all, Modjo doesn’t necessarily have all the features you’re looking for and it can be tedious to use multiple applications to meet different needs. Then it is natural to look for the best quality-price, to get the maximum functionality without breaking the piggy bank. This article will introduce you to the 10 best alternatives to Modjo, allowing you to find a complete, efficient and economical solution for your meeting and task management needs.


Leexi stands out as a particularly powerful transcription and note-taking solution. This platform offers a full range of features to simplify conversation and meeting management, from automatic transcription to collaboration, advanced search and follow-up emails. This versatility makes it a very attractive option for professionals, sales and marketing teams for example or even consultants, who are looking to optimize their productivity and make the most of their interactions.


Gong is a conversational intelligence platform designed to help sales teams improve their performance. This solution captures and analyzes customer interactions, including phone calls, emails, and chats. Gong provides insights into customer behavior, sales processes and representative performance. This data can then be used to optimize representative training, identify new sales opportunities and improve sales methods.

However, Gong does not adapt to all trades and sectors, the company focusing exclusively on sales teams. In addition, although they offer a multitude of features, its implementation is complex and onboarding can be complicated. Finally, licenses are quite expensive compared to those offered by competitors. The costs associated with subscription can be significant, especially for small businesses or startups with tight budgets.


CallMiner is a customer interaction analytics platform that allows companies to extract actionable insights from phone calls, for example. The platform uses speech analytics techniques to identify trends, issues and opportunities in customer interactions, enabling companies to improve customer service, customer retention and overall performance.

Unlike the others, CallMiner focuses primarily on call analysis and not on transcription, automatic summaries or tracking. For companies looking for a complete tool, allowing them both to listen to calls but also to have access to a quick summary, this platform is not suitable. In addition, the platform does not automatically detect the language spoken during a call.


Rev is a transcription and translation platform that helps businesses and individuals convert audio to text and translate content. This solution offers both automatic transcription and human transcription services.

A disadvantage of Rev is its cost. Indeed, the cost can vary depending on several factors, including the length of the audio, the level of quality required (automatic or human transcription), and the delivery time. In addition, the delivery time of transcripts may vary depending on the demand and length of the audio to be transcribed. Users who need quick results can sometimes face longer delays than expected, which can be a disadvantage for projects requiring quick transcription. Finally, the platform does not offer licenses and only single transcripts, collaboration with your teams is not possible. The platform is not suitable for regular teams and meetings but rather for occasional use.

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Praiz offers a platform dedicated to transcription and conversational intelligence, specifically designed to strengthen exchanges between companies and their customers. This solution automatically records and transcribes calls and videoconferences offering users the ability to search, analyze and share information critical to their business activities.

Praiz offers advanced features for analyzing customer interactions, but these services can be costly for small businesses and startups. The price may increase depending on the size of the business and the number of users, which may be a financial barrier for some businesses. In addition, the most affordable subscriptions do not offer certain features such as collaboration.


Chorus is a sales conversation analytics platform that aims to improve the performance of sales teams. By recording and analyzing interactions between sales reps and customers, Chorus provides actionable insights to strengthen skills, optimize processes, and increase conversion rates.

However, it is important to note the disadvantages of Chorus. First of all, the platform focuses only on sales teams, which is not suitable for other teams such as marketing for example. In addition, another disadvantage is the cost of the license. The transcription and conversational analysis solution is more expensive than most of its competitors for a platform offering the same features. Companies need to carefully assess whether the investment is worth it based on their needs and budget.


Dialpad AI is a communication and conversational intelligence platform that helps companies improve their interactions with customers. Dialpad AI automatically records and transcribes calls and videoconferences allowing users to search, analyze and share business insights.

However, the platform does not allow more than 10 participants per meeting and videoconference. In addition, the cheapest license does not offer 24/7 customer service.


Airgram is a transcription and note-taking platform that offers users the ability to track their conversations and take notes in a fast and efficient way. Airgram automatically records and transcribes calls, videoconferences and meetings, allowing users to focus on interaction rather than taking notes.

One of the potential disadvantages of Airgram is the cost associated with its use. Rates may vary depending on the volume of usage and specific features you need. It is important for companies to ensure that the cost of the platform is justified by the benefits it brings. Additionally, Google Doc, Notion, Zappier and Hubspot integrations are not available with the first license.


MindTickle is a sales training and engagement platform designed to help companies improve the performance of their sales teams. It offers features such as interactive training, assessments, sales simulations, and performance analytics to help reps develop their skills and succeed in customer interactions.

Mindtickle focuses only on sales, not AI meeting in general. They do not provide transcripts of your calls, automatic summaries or follow-up of your calls. In addition, although MindTickle offers a variety of training features, some companies may find that customization of courses and content is limited. For organizations with very specific training needs, this can be a problem.


Avoma is a transcription and conversational analytics platform designed to help businesses improve their customer interactions. It automatically records and transcribes calls and videoconferences providing an efficient way to track, analyze and share business insights.

One of the disadvantages of the platform is its cost. Indeed, it can quickly become expensive for a company to use Avoma, the licenses being more expensive than other platforms. In addition, your recorded calls have a limited storage time, depending on the chosen license. Finally, Avoma does not have an advanced editing function, which can make it difficult to correct transcription errors. If you need to correct transcription errors, you will need to do so manually, which can take time.

By exploring these 10 alternatives to Modjo, you have opened the door to a world of possibilities to optimize your meeting and task management. Whether you’re looking for specific features, great pricing, or easy integration into your existing workflow, there’s a solution for your needs. However, Leexi offers the perfect combination of functionality, usability and value. By using Leexi, you can be sure to enjoy the best possible experience. So, take the time to explore these options, test them and find the one that will allow you to gain efficiency and productivity. You are now ready to take the next step in your professional adventure, using the best tools to help you succeed!

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