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Discover the top 5 Ai productivity tools for summarizing your meetings. Boost your efficiency with these solutions !

Nowadays, efficiency and optimal time management have become crucial concerns. Meetings, while essential for communication and decision-making, can often become time sinks if not managed properly. This is where Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology steps in, with a new generation of productivity tools that are revolutionizing the way we work. In this article, we will explore 5 innovative tools that use AI to summarize meetings.

These solutions, by automating note-taking and the creation of meeting summaries, help maximize the efficiency of interactions while reducing the time needed to review discussions. Discover these tools that can transform your meetings into real productivity engines.


logo leexi

Leexi stands out as an essential tool for those looking to optimize their meeting management. Designed to simplify the process of note-taking and creating meeting summaries, Leexi uses advanced artificial intelligence and natural language processing (NLP) to capture and synthesize key discussion points. Users can easily record meetings, and the tool transcribes and structures the information in a clear and concise manner.

One of Leexi's main advantages is its ability to generate personalized summaries. Users can configure the tool to highlight the most relevant elements based on the specific needs of each team or project. This not only facilitates tracking the next steps but also aids in decision-making. At the end of each call, Leexi automatically sends the meeting summary to the call participants, ensuring clear communication and effective follow-up on actions to be taken.

Furthermore, Leexi offers advanced collaboration features, allowing team members to comment on and adjust the summaries, thereby enhancing work efficiency.

Unlike some tools, Leexi boasts several features such as multilingual support (over 120 languages), access rights, European servers, and numerous integrations like Salesforce, Hubspot, Google Meet, etc. Leexi also benefits from a responsive customer service team that quickly intervenes to correct and customize your summaries according to your specific needs.

By integrating Leexi into their workflow, professionals save valuable time and ensure better traceability of exchanges, while improving collaboration and productivity within their organization. Leexi is a true intelligent assistant that transforms the way meetings are managed!

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avoma logo

Avoma is a meeting assistant that analyzes and leverages information from meetings. With its AI capabilities, Avoma records meetings, transcribes conversations, and identifies key discussion points. This functionality allows for the generation of structured summaries, thereby facilitating the follow-up and implementation of decisions.

Avoma can understand the content of meetings and identify, prioritize, and organize key moments. The system analyzes exchanges, capturing useful information such as main topics, proposals, and objections. This contextualization enables participants to review essential elements without having to re-listen to or re-read the entire meeting.

Thus, Avoma helps businesses make faster decisions, coordinate information, and maintain a high level of productivity.

Teams premium

teams premium logo

Microsoft Teams Premium is a tool that autonomously analyzes meeting recordings and extracts essential information. This tool not only transcribes dialogue but also identifies key discussion points, decisions, agreements made, and actions to be taken.

Additionally, Teams Premium goes beyond generating detailed summaries; it also offers the ability to tag or label elements within the conversation. This feature makes it easier to search for specific points or revisit elements.

Moreover, integration with other applications in the Microsoft 365 ecosystem ensures that actions and decisions can be tracked and managed efficiently within the same platform.

The main drawback lies in the absence of automatic recording, which significantly reduces its adoption rate among teams.


logo otter

Otter is an automatic transcription and note-taking tool specifically designed to assist in the management of professional meetings. Its tool is capable of recording, transcribing, and automatically organizing conversations that take place during meetings. With Otter, not only are various interventions automatically transcribed, but it is also possible to identify speakers for maximum clarity.

One of Otter's features is its ability to create summaries and generate keywords, making it simple and quick to search through recorded discussions. This functionality allows users to find important information without having to listen to lengthy recordings.

Additionally, Otter integrates with other collaboration platforms, such as Zoom, enabling users to synchronize transcriptions with their meetings, thereby facilitating access and sharing of notes within the team.

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meetgeek logo

MeetGeek is a collaborative note-taking tool that records and transcribes meetings automatically. It offers optimized meeting management by recording, transcribing, and summarizing discussions to extract key points, thus avoiding the need to listen to hours of recordings. With its ability to detect topics and follow-up actions, it simplifies catching up on past meetings. All meetings, including recordings and transcriptions, are centralized in one place for easy access.

In terms of collaboration, MeetGeek allows teams to set up rules to easily share meeting content.

Which tool to choose ?

After reviewing the five AI-powered productivity tools for summarizing meetings, it is clear that each solution offers distinct features that can significantly enhance our work efficiency. However, Leexi stands out for its superior capabilities in transcription and synthesis, providing highly accurate and actionable summaries. It emerges as the best tool due to its precision, speed, and ease of use.

Leexi's ability to integrate multiple languages and customize summaries to meet the specific needs of users makes it an indispensable ally for maximizing productivity during meetings.

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