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Why should you use Call Scoring?

  • Improving the quality of customer service
  • Enhancing agent training
  • Tracking company objectives
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Nowadays, 64% of companies use call scoring. On average, 1% of conversations are analyzed. AI brings a true revolution with the ability to analyze 100% of conversations.

What is Call Scoring ?

Call scoring, also known as the evaluation of interactions between customers and sales representatives, is an essential practice in the field of call centers and customer service. Its aim is to measure agent performance, identify areas for improvement, and provide constructive feedback. Call scoring helps strengthen productivity, optimize business outcomes, and increase customer satisfaction. Additionally, call scoring provides valuable insights to improve company communication strategies. It is beneficial for both call centers and sales and marketing teams as it allows call centers to determine if their agents are meeting the needs of prospects and customers. For sales teams, call scoring provides insights into customers, advertising effectiveness, and helps foster consistent growth and revenue generation.

Call Scoring

In this article, we will present the top 7 reasons to use call scoring in your company :

7 advantages


1. Improving the quality of customer service

Call scoring is a tool used to measure and evaluate the quality of calls made by agents responsible for customer support. With this method, it is possible to identify the skills and weaknesses of the agents, which allows for corrective actions to be implemented to improve their performance. By examining the calls, companies can identify defects and shortcomings in customer service delivery, enabling them to implement solutions to enhance service quality.

2. Optimizing call scripts

During the analysis of call recordings, call scoring is capable of identifying key words or phrases that generate positive results with clients, as well as those that are less effective. By pinpointing these key elements, adjustments can be made in call scripts. The goal is to maximize the impact of each call by using formulations that have proven to be effective. This analysis also helps identify weak points in calls and make necessary modifications to increase the chances of success. Thanks to call scoring, teams in charge of calls can benefit from a comprehensive feedback on interactions with clients.

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3. Enhancing agent training

In order to strengthen agent training, the use of call scoring proves to be an effective and relevant solution. This practice highlights recurring errors or deficiencies in agents' calls, providing a unique opportunity to provide them with constructive feedback and personalized recommendations to improve their performance. By utilizing this method, companies have the ability to better train their agents. Call scoring clearly identifies areas where agents need training and coaching, allowing them to progress and better manage calls in the future. Through this approach, agents can develop their skills and acquire the necessary knowledge to deliver quality customer service.

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4. Ensuring adherence to procedures

Call scoring ensures that agents follow the established procedures of the company and guarantee a consistent level of quality in interactions with customers. It involves evaluating agents' phone calls using a predefined evaluation grid.

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5. Increasing customer satisfaction

Improving customer service quality through call scoring allows companies to enhance customer satisfaction. Companies can assess the quality of customer service and thus identify calls that went well and were appreciated by clients. These well-rated calls indicate that agents provided effective support, responded efficiently to customer needs, and created a positive experience in their interaction. By delivering high-quality customer service, clients are more likely to recommend the company.

6. Tracking company objectives

Call scoring is an efficient tool to measure and evaluate agents' performance against the goals set by the company. This method ensures that agents adhere to quality and productivity standards, directly contributing to the company's objectives and improving its profitability. By objectively and systematically measuring the agents' performance during their calls, call scoring provides a clear view of their level of efficiency.

7. Identifying trends and recurring issues

Call scoring allows for the identification of trends and common issues in calls. It helps detect technical problems such as call disconnections, sound issues, or frequent interruptions. If a significant number of calls receive low scores due to these problems, it indicates a system malfunction. Customer service managers can then take necessary measures to address these technical issues and improve the customer experience. In addition to technical problems, call scoring also helps identify other issues in calls, such as mishandling customer requests, inappropriate or incomplete responses, or gaps in service. By considering these trends through scoring results, customer service teams can implement corrective measures to enhance customer satisfaction.

To sum up

By using call scoring, companies can objectively evaluate their agents' performance, identify strengths and weaknesses, and take corrective actions if necessary. This ensures consistent customer experience by providing quality criteria to be met during calls. Additionally, call scoring facilitates agent training and coaching by highlighting areas for improvement.

However, it is important to note that call scoring should not be the sole evaluation criterion. Other factors such as problem resolution, empathy, and overall satisfaction should also be considered as they may be difficult to quantify through call analysis alone.


In conclusion, call scoring is a valuable tool for measuring and improving the quality of telephone interactions in a customer service center. By promoting a customer-centric approach, encouraging ongoing agent training, and contributing to the promotion of exceptional customer service, it allows companies to provide a high level of satisfaction and retain their customers.

Therefore, Leexi's technology allows for automatic call scoring for your calls. Leexi is the first market player to also integrate automatic conversation type detection. Indeed, an operator can have two or three different types of conversations in a day, and Leexi will automatically adapt.

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