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Discover how to use the AI Note Taker to become an augmented recruiter by optimizing your recruitment processes and improving your productivity. Transform your way of recruiting with Leexi.

Nowadays, technology is evolving at a rapid pace, and it is essential for professionals to stay at the forefront of the latest advancements. As a recruiter, it is crucial to find ways to enhance your productivity to remain competitive in the recruitment market. This is where Leexi's AI Note Taker comes into play. This technology utilizes artificial intelligence to automatically record and transcribe your meetings and interviews. With this solution, you can bid farewell to tedious note-taking and fully focus on engaging with candidates. In this article, we will show you how to become an augmented recruiter with the AI Note Taker. Discover how this technology can help you save time, improve your recruitment process, and make more informed decisions. Get ready to revolutionize your approach to recruiting!

1.Automation of note-taking :

The automation of note-taking is a revolution for recruiters thanks to Leexi's AI Note Taker. This innovative tool allows recruiters to free themselves from manual note-taking during interviews. By automatically connecting to the meeting or video conference, the AI Note Taker records the entire conversation, allowing recruiters to fully focus on the exchange with the candidate. This automation of note-taking offers numerous advantages. First and foremost, it saves valuable time. Recruiters no longer need to spend time taking notes during the interview, allowing them to concentrate more on evaluating the candidate's skills and personality. Furthermore, this automation improves the efficiency of interviews by eliminating the risk of missing important information or misinterpreting the candidate's statements. Thanks to the complete recording of the conversation, recruiters can go back and listen to key passages to ensure accurate understanding. This contributes to more informed decision-making and more effective interviews.

In addition to these advantages, the automation of note-taking also offers great flexibility for recruiters. Recordings and notes are accessible at any time and from any device, facilitating collaboration and information sharing within the recruitment team. Furthermore, Leexi's AI Note Taker can automatically transcribe recordings into text, allowing for quick and easy search of relevant information. Recruiters can quickly find specific details or key points discussed during interviews. Therefore, the automation of note-taking through Leexi revolutionizes the recruitment process by allowing recruiters to free themselves from tedious tasks. This automation saves time, improves the productivity of interviews, and facilitates collaboration within the recruitment team.

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2. Accurate and detailed transcription :

The Note Taker feature of Leexi uses advanced artificial intelligence to provide an accurate and detailed transcription of the recorded call. Thanks to sophisticated voice recognition algorithms, this tool is able to accurately transcribe all the words exchanged during the interview. Recruiters can easily find all the important information discussed during the call, such as the candidate's skills, past experiences, professional aspirations, and any other relevant element. This detailed transcription allows recruiters to have a faithful recording of the conversation, which facilitates future reference and decision-making. By having access to this transcription, recruiters can review the details of the interview and make informed decisions based on the accurate information provided. This helps to avoid misunderstandings or potential forgetfulness and ensures a more objective evaluation of candidates.

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3. Real-time automatic summarization :

In addition to providing an accurate transcription of the call, Leexi's AI Note Taker also generates a real-time automatic summary of the conversation. This feature uses advanced keyword and key phrase analysis to extract the most relevant information from the interview. The automatic summary allows recruiters to quickly get an overview of the important points discussed during the call, without having to go through the entire transcription. This saves them valuable time and allows them to focus on the most relevant aspects of the conversation. By identifying keywords and key phrases, the tool generates a concise and detailed summary that highlights the essential elements of the interview.

This feature greatly facilitates decision-making for recruiters. They can quickly identify the most relevant candidates based on the key points discussed during the call. This allows them to optimize their selection process and make more informed choices. Furthermore, the real-time summary can be shared with other team members, promoting more effective collaboration. Recruiters can share the summary with their colleagues to get additional feedback and different perspectives. This allows for faster consensus and more informed decision-making. The automatic summary is a real time-saver for recruitment teams.

4. List of follow-up and actions to take :

The AI Note taker feature revolutionizes the interview follow-up process by providing a detailed list of follow-up tasks and actions to take. Through its thorough analysis of the interview conversation, Leexi is able to identify tasks and automatically add them to an organized list. This list of follow-up tasks and actions provides recruiters with a clear and structured view of the next steps to take after the interview. They no longer need to rack their brains to remember all the actions to follow, as the AI Note taker takes care of it for them. Some of the tasks identified by the tool include contacting the candidate's references for additional information, scheduling a second interview to delve into specific points, conducting further verifications on the candidate's skills or background, or sending a job offer.

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This feature allows recruiters to save valuable time by avoiding forgetfulness and potential errors. They can focus on the actions to take, knowing that nothing will be left behind. Moreover, this structured and organized approach contributes to a more efficient and professional recruitment process. Leexi's AI Note taker provides recruiters with a comprehensive list of follow-up tasks and actions to take after an interview. Through its analysis of the conversation, this intelligent tool identifies tasks to be done and automatically adds them to the list. Recruiters can stay organized, save time, and conduct a more efficient and structured recruitment process.

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5. Follow-up email proposal :

The email follow-up proposal from Leexi's AI Note taker offers a practical and efficient solution to facilitate communication with candidates throughout the recruitment process. With this innovative feature, recruiters can save valuable time by using a personalized follow-up email automatically generated by the tool. The AI Note taker analyzes the recorded exchanges during interviews and identifies the important points discussed. It then uses this information to generate a comprehensive and personalized follow-up email that accurately and relevantly summarizes the elements discussed during the interview. This automation allows recruiters to save time and ensure that all important aspects of the discussion are addressed in the follow-up email.

Sending a follow-up email is a crucial step in the recruitment process as it helps maintain regular contact with candidates and strengthen the relationship with them. By using this feature, recruiters can quickly and easily send a personalized follow-up email to each candidate, demonstrating their interest and commitment to their application. This approach enhances the relationship with candidates and can make a difference when it comes to choosing the company they want to work for. The follow-up email offers a practical and efficient solution to facilitate communication with candidates. By saving time, strengthening the relationship with candidates, and ensuring consistency in communications, this feature contributes to improving the recruitment experience and the company's image.

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To sum up

The use of Leexi's AI Note taker can revolutionize the way recruiters work and help them become augmented recruiters. This technology offers numerous benefits, such as automated note-taking, accurate and detailed transcription of interviews, real-time automatic summarization, a list of follow-up tasks and actions to take, and a proposal for follow-up emails. These features allow recruiters to save time, improve productivity, facilitate collaboration within the recruitment team, and make more informed decisions. By adopting this innovative technological solution, recruiters can optimize their recruitment processes and more easily find the best talents for their company.

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