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Don't miss any important information during your meetings with the 7 best AI tools for taking notes during your Zoom meetings.

What is an Ai Note Taker ?

An AI note taker is an artificial intelligence-based tool designed to automate note-taking during meetings, conferences, or classes. This system uses natural language processing (NLP) and voice recognition to transcribe discussions in real-time and generate structured summaries. Using an AI note taker saves time, enhances efficiency, and ensures that all important points are accurately recorded. Additionally, this tool often incorporates extra features such as automatic information organization, keyword search, and task tracking.


logo leexi

Leexi has developed an AI Note Taker that significantly enhances videoconferences. By automatically taking accurate and comprehensive notes, it allows participants to fully focus on the discussion and avoid the distractions associated with manual note-taking. Additionally, its extra features are truly indispensable assets.

Beyond transcription, the tool offers other highly practical functionalities. For instance, it is possible to highlight key points and add annotations directly to the generated notes, such as commenting or tagging colleagues. This helps to emphasize essential information and make it easily accessible after the meeting.

Moreover, Leexi's AI Note Taker for Zoom allows for easy sharing of the summary with other participants. It is automatically sent via email along with a follow-up email detailing the next steps. This is a tremendous aid for collaboration, helping to avoid confusion or misunderstandings!


logo otter

Otter, renowned for its expertise in transcription and automated note-taking, offers its AI note taker tool, which assists in managing professional meetings. This tool records, transcribes, and automatically organizes conversations. With Otter, it is possible to identify different speakers, create summaries, and generate keywords for easy search within recorded discussions.

Additionally, Otter allows for seamless integration of transcriptions with other collaboration platforms such as Zoom, thereby optimizing workflow.

Otter.AI thus helps to optimize meeting management and enhance team collaboration.


avoma logo

Avoma's AI Note Taker on Zoom platform is a tool that facilitates and optimizes virtual meetings. This artificial intelligence technology automates note-taking and conversation transcription, offering numerous features that enhance team efficiency.

One of the main features of Avoma's AI Note Taker is its ability to generate transcripts of Zoom meetings. As soon as the meeting starts, the AI Note Taker activates to record every word spoken.

The AI Note Taker also allows for easy search within the transcriptions. It is possible to search for specific words, participants, or dates to easily find relevant information. Meetings become simpler with the AI Note Taker!

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gong logo

Gong's AI Note Taker is an advanced technological solution designed to automate note-taking during meetings and professional calls. Gong captures every conversation to help professionals be more efficient.

The tool offers forecasting based on real data, aiding teams in planning and anticipating performance. Gong automatically records exchanges during meetings, transcribes them, and analyzes them.

Additionally, its automatic archiving feature allows users to easily revisit past discussions, facilitating the review of information and tracking of actions. The integration of Gong's Note Taker with various customer relationship management (CRM) and collaboration tools, such as Salesforce, Slack, and Zoom, ensures smooth information management and easy data transfer.


logo tldv

Tldv's AI Note Taker on Zoom is designed to simplify and enhance note-taking during online meetings. Thanks to its advanced intelligence, this tool offers numerous features.

First and foremost, the AI Note Taker is capable of automatically transcribing discussions. Simply activate it during the meeting, and it will start recording and transcribing the conversation.

Another feature of the AI Note Taker is the ability to add markers. These markers can be used to highlight key points, important decisions, or actions to be taken. This helps to structure the notes and make them comprehensible.

Finally, the AI Note Taker allows for easy sharing of notes with meeting participants. Once the meeting is over, a complete and accurate summary of the discussions is generated, including all transcriptions and markers. This summary can be shared on collaboration platforms.


chorus logo

Chorus AI offers an automated note-taking solution to optimize business meetings on Zoom. This tool allows teams to focus on the core of the conversation without worrying about missing crucial details.

Chorus analyzes each conversation to then create an organized and clear summary, cataloging the entire discussion and highlighting key points. This is particularly helpful for teams during meeting reviews or client follow-ups.

In addition to providing accurate transcriptions, Chorus AI also identifies recurring themes, decision points, and outcomes, making it easier to track meetings and enabling sales teams to better understand customer needs and expectations, thus allowing them to adjust their pitches accordingly.

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callminer logo

CallMiner is a conversational analytics platform that uses machine learning to transcribe and analyze vocal and textual interactions. During Zoom meetings, CallMiner records, transcribes, and analyzes discussions. The tool is used to capture team meetings, client interactions, as well as brainstorming sessions and conferences.

Additionally, CallMiner identifies and extracts keywords and recurring themes from conversations. This facilitates search and allows for quick navigation through the transcriptions. It's an AI Note Taker that delivers strong performance on the Zoom platform.

Which one to choose ?

You now know the 7 best AI Note Takers available for your Zoom meetings. All these tools offer a convenient solution for taking notes during video conferences by automating the process and allowing users to fully concentrate on the discussion. However, it is important to note that each user has specific needs and may be looking for distinct features. Therefore, it is recommended to test different options to find the one that best suits each individual.

Nevertheless, Leexi stands out significantly due to the high accuracy of its transcriptions and the comprehensive customization of its summaries. Unlike some AI Note Takers, Leexi offers several features such as multilingual support (over 120 languages), access rights, European servers, and numerous integrations.

In the end, AI Note Takers are valuable tools for facilitating note-taking during virtual meetings, thereby improving the efficiency and productivity of participants.

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