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The 5 best AI tools for note-taking in your Teams meetings

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The AI Era is radically transforming how we work, and business meetings are no exception. Microsoft Teams, a crucial collaboration platform, is witnessing the emergence of numerous intelligent tools designed to simplify and optimize our professional lives. Among these, AI Note Takers stand out, offering a valuable solution for capturing and organizing crucial information effortlessly. In this article, we will introduce you to five AI Note Takers to integrate with your use of Teams for more effective and productive meetings. Get ready to discover how a simple integration can transform your approach to work and boost your team's productivity.

What is an AI Note Taker

An AI Note Taker is an innovative solution that uses artificial intelligence to automate note-taking during meetings, conferences, or discussions. Its primary purpose is to simplify this task by eliminating the need to take notes manually. By leveraging advanced technologies such as natural language processing (NLP) and speech recognition, the AI Note Taker transcribes conversations in real-time with precision. It converts spoken language into text, accurately capturing every element of the conversation. Additionally, the AI Note Taker excels in organizing and analyzing the information contained in the notes. Its sophisticated algorithms enable it to understand the context of discussions and offer relevant suggestions.

The 5 Best AI Note Takers to use on Teams


Leexi stands out as an essential tool for teams using Microsoft Teams, thanks to its advanced features for automated note-taking and call management. With call transcription integration, Leexi allows users to receive highly precise and detailed notes in real-time. This feature is especially useful for professionals who want to focus on the conversation without worrying about manually taking notes. At the end of each call, Leexi automatically generates a report that includes the next steps to follow. This report is then sent to call participants, ensuring clear communication and effective follow-up on actions to be taken. This automation saves valuable time! Moreover, integrating Leexi is designed to be quick and simple. In just three clicks, users can connect their calendar and start enjoying all the tool's offered features. Users can also add comments and notes to debrief calls, share feedback, and communicate transparently.


Leexi also offers the possibility of receiving fully customized summaries, available in over 120 languages. Users can choose the summary length and receive them automatically by email, on Leexi, or directly in their CRM. This flexibility allows users to adapt to their specific preferences and needs. Finally, Leexi seamlessly integrates with various platforms thanks to its multiple integrations and APIs. This compatibility ensures optimal and smooth usage, allowing users to fully leverage the tool without encountering compatibility issues.

Leexi is a highly powerful and versatile tool for teams using Microsoft Teams. Its numerous features make it a valuable ally for enhancing team productivity.

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Chorus is a tool for automated note-taking within Microsoft Teams. Chorus AI identifies key points, assigned tasks, and decisions made during meetings. The tool analyzes each interaction, allowing teams to better understand each other and improve their communication strategies. Chorus AI has the ability to analyze the context of discussions, enabling it to generate organized summaries. By analyzing each call and exchange, the tool identifies trends and opportunities for improvement. This conversational intelligence allows sales teams to better understand clients' needs and expectations and adjust their pitches accordingly.

Furthermore, the tool automates data management, ensuring that teams always have the most relevant and up-to-date information for their interactions. This approach to data management not only saves time but also enhances the accuracy and effectiveness of sales and marketing campaigns. Whether it is for analyzing conversations, automating sales tasks, or orchestrating complex workflows, Chorus.AI helps facilitate meetings.


Otter is an automated note-taking tool designed to transform meetings on Teams. With its meeting assistant, OtterPilot, meetings are automatically noted and summarized. The tool instantly converts verbal discussions into text, making it easier to capture key points discussed during meetings. Otter.AI adapts to various sectors: sales teams can close deals and onboard new clients faster, students and educational staff can enhance their academic success, and media professionals can create articles using detailed notes. The Otter AI Chat feature allows for instant responses and content generation, such as emails and status updates, across all meetings. Furthermore, the AI Channels combine live conversations with updates, enabling users to chat with Otter and their teammates to obtain answers and advance projects.

Otter.AI helps to optimize meeting management and improves collaboration within teams.


MeetGeek is a team note-taking tool that automatically consolidates your calls on Microsoft Teams to record and transcribe meetings. With its features, MeetGeek offers a comprehensive meeting management experience. Meetings are not only recorded and transcribed automatically, but also summarized to extract key points, eliminating the need to sift through hours of recordings. MeetGeek detects key topics and action items, making it easier to catch up on past events in just a few minutes. All your past meetings, including recordings and transcriptions, are centralized in one place. In terms of collaboration, MeetGeek allows you to set team rules for sharing meeting content seamlessly. The tool also offers AI-driven conversation analytics to unlock insights into sales and clients, and it automatically synchronizes recordings with your communication tools.

MeetGeek is a comprehensive tool designed to make meetings more efficient.


Gong is an AI-powered note-taking tool with extensive conversational analytics capabilities. Gong.AI provides a deep understanding of sales conversations, enabling informed decision-making. Gong offers precise forecasting. Based on a realistic data tableau, the tool allows teams to plan and anticipate outcomes accurately. Additionally, with its integration with communication platforms like Microsoft Teams, Gong automatically captures interactions during meetings, transcribing and analyzing client interactions. Gong identifies best practices and points of friction, allowing sales teams to continuously adjust and improve.

Gong.AI is a comprehensive platform for note transcription and more.

In short

The 5 AI Note Takers are designed to simplify note-taking during meetings on Microsoft Teams. Each of these tools offers features such as automatic transcription, conversation analysis, and integration with other productivity platforms. Leexi stands out particularly for its highly accurate transcriptions and comprehensive summary customization, making it adaptable to various sectors.

The choice of the best AI Note Taker for Teams depends on the specific needs of the business. Whether it is for precise transcription, in-depth analysis, or seamless integration with other tools, each solution presents distinct advantages that can meet various professional requirements.


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