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How AI meeting is revolutionizing these 6 businesses

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AI meeting is revolutionizing the way we collaborate, turning interactions into exceptional opportunities.

In today's world, artificial intelligence has become much more than just an emerging technology. It is present in many areas of our daily lives. One of the areas where AI is deploying its potential is in business meetings. Once associated with tedious discussions and time-consuming processes, meetings are now undergoing a metamorphosis thanks to AI. In this article, we'll take a closer look at six professions that could benefit greatly from the integration of AI into their work processes.


Recruiters are key to finding the perfect talent to meet business needs, but the process can be tedious. That's where AI meeting, a revolutionary innovation, comes in.

Imagine interviews and selection stages that become fluid and targeted thanks to AI meeting. Every interaction is recorded and automatically summarized, freeing recruiters from the tedious task of note-taking. They can concentrate fully on the exchange with candidates, guaranteeing more rewarding conversations. What's more, thanks to Leexi, recruiters can track the progress of candidates with summaries of past interviews, enabling accurate assessment and a database of promising talent.

With AI meetings, recruiters revolutionize their operations. They can make informed selections and create a high-performance team. A recruitment revolution!


AI meeting offers equally remarkable benefits in the field of education, particularly within schools and online learning platforms. Its role is essential for teachers, who can now record their lessons, lectures and presentations online with an AI meeting like Leexi.

Automatic summaries become an invaluable resource for students, simplifying revision and highlighting the essentials. Automatic summaries become an invaluable resource for students, simplifying revision and highlighting the essentials. A veritable library of past courses is built up, offering seamless access to the content taught.

The distribution of these summaries enables students to revisit key information, improving comprehension. These summaries act as course aids, targeting fundamental notions.

By promoting accurate documentation, effective review and transparent communication, AI meeting improves the learning experience and performance for all.


Event planners

Companies specializing in events, including event organizers such as wedding planners, can benefit greatly from AI meeting, like the one offered by Leexi.

By capturing and summarizing planning meetings with guests, these professionals ensure that no crucial detail is missed, from venue choices to specific preferences. What's more, automatic summaries serve as a memory for tracking important elements such as decoration, menu and activities. Documentation of exchanges with suppliers, whether caterers, florists or photographers, ensures precise coordination. Thanks to automatic summaries that can be shared with customers, communication becomes transparent, ensuring that all parties are informed and aligned.

AI meeting enhances event management, coordination and communication, delivering a seamless and memorable experience for discerning customers. A transformation of the event industry made possible by Leexi!

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Discover Leexi's AI meeting: a revolutionary solution to boost sales efficiency and productivity.

Imagine a new way to manage calls and meetings with your customers. Thanks to automatic recording and summarization, sales staff can now concentrate fully on interaction and building strong relationships.

Even before you answer, you have an advantage: summaries of previous calls and key customer information are automatically made available to you. This means you can personalize your approach right from the start. But that's not all. Action points and tasks discussed during your calls are carefully summarized and emailed for impeccable follow-up.

By integrating Leexi's AI meeting into your sales process, a real transformation takes place. You optimize your operational efficiency, strengthen your customer relationships and increase your conversion rates. All this culminates in enhanced sales growth.

Customer service agents

AI meeting: an exciting opportunity to dramatically improve customer service. Its impact on operations is remarkable.

customer care

Automatic recording of telephone conversations with customers provides handy summaries at your fingertips. These summaries are invaluable for agents, who can track the details and key points of each interaction without getting lost in lengthy notes. Everything is recorded and summarized for efficient follow-up of customer problems and suggestions. These summaries play a crucial role in documenting feedback and ideas for improvement.

By integrating AI meeting, like Leexi's, into customer service practices, teams can establish a more efficient support experience, improve customer satisfaction and strengthen long-term relationships. An exceptional customer experience!


The impact of artificial intelligence also extends to the field of consultants, offering new opportunities to optimize their practices and improve the services they offer. Consultants can leverage AI meeting, including solutions such as Leexi, to transform the way they interact with their customers and conduct their analyses.

By automatically recording and summarizing customer meetings, consultants can better pinpoint their customers' specific needs and objectives, while ensuring that every crucial detail is captured. Automated summaries serve as a memory for tracking discussions and recommendations, contributing to more accurate reporting and better-developed strategies. By integrating Leexi's AI meeting into their practice, consultants can improve the efficiency of their interactions, enhance the quality of their work and deliver more tailored solutions, resulting in better outcomes for their customers.

In brief ...

Artificial intelligence opens up exciting new prospects for a variety of professions, especially those requiring frequent interaction, rapid decision-making and transparent communication.

Our exploration of the five professional fields reveals how AI meetings like Leexi's can transform these professions. However, it's vital to bear in mind that AI, far from aiming to replace jobs, is instead about optimizing and enhancing team performance. Leexi positions itself as an ally, a support and coaching platform aimed at improving productivity.

The ultimate goal is to create harmony between humans and technology for exceptional results. By integrating Leexi's AI meeting, professionals unleash their potential, maximize their skills while placing people at the heart of interactions and decisions. A vision where technology and humanity create unparalleled success.

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