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Transcribe, analyse and summarize your calls and video conferences. Transcend your quotas, speed up onboarding and automate your follow-up emails. Make every interaction count.

Automated note takingAutomated note taking
Summary of each callSummary of each call
Reduced onboarding timeReduced onboarding time
Convert more dealsConvert more deals

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Easy collaboration

Easy collaboration

With the ability to share your experience via live comments and notes during your calls, your teams are closer than ever.

A contextualized summary of your calls

A contextualized summary of your calls

Choose the size of your summaries and receive them automatically on your CRM, on Leexi and by email if you wish!

Relevant data

Relevant data

Identify what makes your salespeople the best with detailed analytics of your team members' calls and videos.

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Quick set up

Quick set up

Onboarding in 3 steps

Onboarding in 3 steps

Results from the first month

Results from the first month

Trusted by many companies all over the world

Leexi is a great way to record meetings and automate minutes with generative AI, especially once you've integrated it with your email, and CRM.
Benoit Marcellin
Chief Executive Officer (CEO)@Nomination

Questions & Answers

  • Leexi records, transcribes and analyzes all your sales calls. Leexi is the essential complement to a sales CRM and telephony and video conferencing tools.

    The tool allows you to have a quick, qualitative and user-friendly onboarding. Leexi is a coaching and management tool that allows all team members to evolve and progress together, it is a tool for continuous improvement.

  • A sales CRM helps structure the interactions between a salesperson and their customer portfolio. It allows to focus on the prospect.

    Leexi is an essential complement to the sales CRM through call replay, more focused coaching and quality onboarding.

  • Telephony tools focus on calls, the number of calls, their recording and their allocation to a customer.

    Leexi is an essential complement to telephony tools. Leexi allows you to connect to your telephony and video conferencing tools and automatically analyze each call. Your customers become the center of your decisions. Automatic call analysis allows you to rank the most relevant calls. Calls become your source of reference to improve your team's performance.

  • Leexi's mission is to solve the following problems:

    • Reduce the gaps between the "best salespeople" and the rest.
    • Limit partitioning and loss of information between salespeople.
    • Understand why deals don't get closed.
    • Discern which methods work and which don't.
    • Facilitate the onboarding of new salespeople.

  • Leexi does not charge any fees for the installation of the platform. Interfaces with your sales CRM and your telephony tool are made free of charge by the Leexi teams.

  • Leexi was designed from the beginning with the most powerful and best referenced tools in the SAAS (Software As A Service) world to ensure a maximum level of data security. Each client's data is strictly compartmentalized and stored only in Europe. An annual audit is conducted to confirm that the entire site and procedures are GDPR compliant.

  • There is no lower limit for the number of salespeople. In fact, Tiger Wood continues to film himself to improve his golf swing.

    For a sales team, it is from 3 salesmen onwards that some of Leexi's features give their full potential. When a manager and all the members of his team use Leexi, the results are quick and long-lasting.

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